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Account Management

I Forgot My Managing or Student Account Login Information.
How Do I Find My or My Student's GemID?
How To Update Your Password.
How To Update Your Payment Information.
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Video Management

How To Take Your Initial Language Assessment.
How To Reassess Your Student's Level In The Language Pyramid.
How To Assign A Gemiini Video.
How To Archive And Delete An Assignment
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Additional Features

How To Get Flash Cards Of Your Video.
How To Test An Assignment.
How To Set Up Gemiini Tool Assignments.
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I'm Having Trouble While Using Chrome?
I'm Having Trouble Getting The Website To Work Correctly?
I'm Having Trouble With A Custom Clip?
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Gemiini Mobile App

For Apple iOS, Android, and Kindle

The Gemiini Mobile app is designed as a supplement to the website at

The app allows you to view and archive your student's assignments on-the-go. However, it is NOT a stand-alone app and is not meant as a replacement for the full site.

Download for Apple iOS

Download for Android

Download for Kindle

App Overview

How To Use The "Gemiini Mobile" App
Login Page
App Menu
Assignments Page, Assignment Details, and Assignment Cards
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Operations & Information

Compatible Operating Systems & Requirements
How To Manage Multiple Accounts
How To Watch Assignments On The App
How to Update Assignments On The App
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Mobile App FAQ

I can't find an option to cast to my TV?
What are the differences between logging in with a Student versus Managing account?
iOS - How To Use "Guided Access"
Android - How To Use "Screen Pinning"
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My View Counts Are Not Updating
My Assignments Aren't Showing Up
My Archived Assignments Are Still Showing Up
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Gemiini Roku Channel

Assignment Viewer


Gemiini's Roku channel offers a convenient way to stream Gemiini assignments on your own TV.

After initially opening the Gemiini Roku channel and adding your Roku device to your Gemiini account, you'll be able to quickly open the channel, access your student's assignments, and click PLAY!

Search "Gemiini" in the Roku channel store.

Full Set-up Process

First: Add the Gemiini Channel to Your Roku Device.
Second: Add a Roku Device to Your Gemiini Account.

Operations & Information

About Gemiini Roku Channel
Channel Overview
Remote Control Overview


Tips & Tricks
My New Assignments Aren't Showing Up
My View Counts Are Not Updating

Understanding Gemiini

Learn More About Using Gemiini

Gemiini Academy is where parents and professionals go to learn about using the Gemiini platform. With a better understanding of the program, you'll be able to make the best decisions for your child or student.

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