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What is Gemiini?

Gemiini program on devices

Gemiini is a clinically proven program that provides 100% web-based, on-demand therapy support through research-based video modeling for learners with and without exceptionalities. It gives teachers and therapists the power of highly individualized video modeling sessions through its vast library of 150,000+ pre-made educational videos.

With content in language, social skills, life skillsreadingand more, Gemiini makes integrating effective therapy support into the home possible. Gemiini delivers unlimited access to therapy support, anytime and anywhere—at school, at home, and even in the car. 


Video modeling has been determined to be "Established Science" by the National Autism Standards Board and both ASHA and APBA recommend the use of Video Modeling for therapy -

Specific research on Gemiini has been published by professors from four universities, including the former Director of Clinical Psychology for Princeton.

STUDY: Comparing the Teaching Efficacy of Two Video Modeling Programs Delivered in a Group Format in Special Education Classrooms to Improve Expressive Language

STUDY: Video Modeling and Word Identification in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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ABA Telehealth and Gemiini

This is the first video of a series by Maria Gilmour, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA introducing general strategies on how to implement telehealth programs with Gemiini. 

Stay tuned for more topics on implementing Gemiini with telehealth methods such as: HFA, teenagers and other ages, severe challenging behaviors, in-depth data collection, and in-depth review of effective strategies used with related service providers and school staff.

What Professionals Are Saying About Gemiini

From Dr. Bryan Davey PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, Past President of the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts:

"As the rates of autism skyrocket globally, traditional therapy methods struggle to keep up with demand. Research conclusively reports that 25 hours per week of therapy is crucial to achieving optimal gains in early intervention, but few children are able to receive this benchmark due to multiple variables.

"Decades of published peer reviewed research in video modeling show it to be an effective modality to bridge this gap in care. In fact, several studies point to video modeling being even more effective than live modeling in many areas. Gemiini is unique in the field of video modeling in its breadth of content, its delivery method and the research which supports it.

"As the population of our autistic community ages, it is essential that curriculum and tools are created which are age and ability appropriate. Most technology or applications (apps) are geared specifically and solely for children 6 years old or younger. Gemiini’s vast content library contemplates this older population and delivers robust curriculum through the teen years and beyond.

"Many of our rural families have less than optimal Internet services, and others are facing financial challenges and thus do not have Internet at home at all. Gemiini’s platform accounts for these potential obstacles by an app that allows the video content to be downloaded onto a device and used offline.

"We are seeing this gap in care due not only to the shortage of trainer professionals, but also to geographic constraints. Thousands of children and young adults in Arizona go without consistent services.... We believe that the pairing of Gemiini with trained support is the way of the future and the best hope to serve the entire community."

From Dr. Helen Tager-Flusberg PhD, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Boston University // Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology at Boston University School of Medicine // past President of INSAR:

"I am pleased to write this letter offering my support for the internet-based language intervention that has been developed by Gemiini Educational Systems. This intervention is developmentally grounded and uses evidence-based practices, including video-modelling, repetition and imitation to promote spoken language skills in children and is especially useful for children with autism spectrum disorder  I am enthusiastic about how well Gemiini supplements more traditional speech and language therapies.  It offers families the ability to practice and extend what their child may be receiving in just one hour a week of specialized therapy or, as is most often the case, provide high quality intervention when nothing else is available.

"As a researcher who has been investigating language in autism spectrum disorder and related neurodevelopmental disorders for over 40 years, I am keenly aware of how crucial it is for children to have maximal opportunities to acquire language in the early years when their brains and minds are specially primed for this crucial developmental milestone. Gemiini can support this need. For those children who fail to acquire language in the preschool years, the methods that Gemiini uses helps older children to learn words and phrases that are so important for communicating their needs and interests.

"In sum, I believe that Gemiini has developed a useful intervention for teaching productive language skills, an area of great need in the autism field, where there are no other comparable interventions available."


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Assign custom assignments that align with an individual’s IEP goals

Teachers and therapists can assign custom video assignments that align with an individual’s IEP goals that parents can easily click and play—anytime, anywhere.

"My students wouldn't have gotten to where they are today without Gemiini. The program has honestly changed the trajectory of their lives."

– Michelle Krolczyk M.Ed., Derry Township S.D.

"Gemiini has made major improvements when it comes to language for my children because they didn't have language [before Gemiini].”

— Ashleigh Johnson, Special Education Teacher in Birmingham, Alabama

"Before using Gemiini, when working with some students, they were not able to look at my face in direct one-on-one therapy. But after the program they seem to be more comfortable and willing to sit one-on-one, to focus on the face, to be able to work directly with me."

— Jennifer Maron, Speech-Language Pathologist

Gemiini not only teaches a child, it also can test a child in both receptive and expressive language skills. All of this can be assigned and overseen remotely by therapists.

Contact us about special programs to offer Gemiini through insurance

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