How GemIIni works

Used as a stand-alone tool or alongside therapy, GemIIni teaches speech, reading and behavior skills using the following methods:

Discrete Video Modeling

Gemiini’s discrete video modeling techniques focus on articulation to teach students with Down syndrome, no matter what their language ability. Learn more about this unique approach.

Semantic Overlay

Gemiini’s video sessions teach students to speak using both their ears AND eyes, a proven method for those with Down syndrome.

Working memory games

Gemiini’s working memory games help to improve the phonological loop impairments that can impact a student with Down syndrome's speech and language ability.

Play-based learning

Gemiini harnesses the power of play to motivate and keep learning fun for students. Animal noises anyone?

For students with Down syndrome, Gemiini helps connect their desire to learn and express themselves with proven tools to learn how, leading to a more fulfilled life.

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