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Olivia's Gemiini Journey

Olivia Has Apraxia and Down syndrome.

"Olivia responded in the first week. I will never forget early on when she was in the back seat of the car saying, "dog, dance, deep" from the D-word video I made. She was getting speech therapy in the car! I was over the moon!"

— Christine H. (Olivia's mom)

Wren & Fox's Gemiini Journeys

"An area where both Wren and Fox have struggled and shown the most frustration is being able to communicate their needs or wants with us... We are very excited to use Gemiini to kind of help meet that need… to give them a voice to be able to express themselves better and for us to understand who they are as little humans."

— Mollie G. (Wren & Fox's mom)

The Glasgow Family invites you on their journey as their children learn to speak using Gemiini.


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What Is Gemiini?

Gemiini is a clinically proven program that provides 100% web-based, on-demand therapy through research-based video modeling for learners with and without exceptionalities. With content in language, social skills, life skills, and reading, Gemiini makes integrating effective therapy possible and delivers unlimited access to therapy anytime and anywhere.

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When using Gemiini, learners with Down syndrome are seeing:​

✓ Faster, More Consistent Learning

✓ Improved Articulation

✓ Success with Reading

✓ Amazing Language Gains

Make The Most of Gemiini

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Gemiini For Parents 101

Learn how to use Gemiini with our online video training academy for parents using Gemiini with their learners.

Certification For Professionals

Become Gemiini-certified by completing this online certification course.

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Getting Started with Gemiini
Mondays at 10:30am PST and Thursdays at 3:30pm PST

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Whether you're new to Gemiini or have been a member for years, these webinars are sure to increase your knowledge and success of using the program.

*Please be aware that the webinars are public and ARE recorded. Your questions will be seen by other attendees.

More Gemiini Success Stories:

Embracing the Battle: Secrets of Victory From a Warrior Mom

Laura Kasbar is the founder of Gemiini Systems. She's also the mother of seven children, several of whom have learning disabilities including autism and dyslexia, and have overcome their learning differences through Gemiini. 

Download a free PDF version here.

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