Every second, our brains are learning far more than we realize. Right now, you are learning the flickering of the lights, the sound of the air conditioning fan, the sounds and images of everything around you. More than likely, your brain automatically removes or pares down all of this extraneous data.

For people with exceptionalities, this paring of unimportant information is not automatic. On a neurological level, people with autism don’t automatically filter out extraneous stimuli in the world around them. Discrete Video Modeling does the paring of information for the learner. It presents ONLY the specific piece of information that we want to teach.

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How it works

With Gemiini's use of repetition, visual and auditory paring, and other filming techniques developed during the past 15 years of research, we can present more information at one time than thought possible, and it's retained.

Comparing Standard Video Modeling To Discrete Video Modeling

To demonstrate Discrete Video Modeling's ability to teach more effectively than standard video modeling, watch these two videos in Chinese.

After watching each video, ask yourself:

"Did I feel my mouth wanting to move with the speakers?"

"Do I understand what he is talking about?"

"Can I pronounce the word(s) in Chinese?"

Standard Video Modeling

Discrete Video Modeling

It is Gemiini's unique and holistic approach to learning that has changed the lives of thousands of families across the globe. Check out what some of them had to say.

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Research And Evidence

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