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Video modeling and word identification in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Gemiini was the only intervention used in this study.)


Video modeling involves the learner viewing videos of a model demonstrating a target skill. According to the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (2011), video modeling is an evidenced-based intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in elementary through middle school. Little research exists evaluating video modeling for individuals with ASD in high school. This study examined the effectiveness of video modeling to facilitate the development of word recognition and pronunciation in three male high school students with ASD. A single-case multiple baseline experimental design across participants (i.e. video modeling sequentially implemented across three students) was used to evaluate the effectiveness of video modeling. Results indicate that video modeling was effective in facilitating word recognition and pronunciation. Findings suggest that video modeling may be a viable intervention to foster the reading development of adolescents with ASD

"Video modeling and word identification in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder"

A study by Princeton University, the University of Kentucky, University of Toledo, and Eden Autism Services published in January 2014 in Child Language Teaching & Therapy

Use of GemIIni. GemIIni videos were the only videos used in this study

Social Validity. “[F]ollowing the intervention all of the students were asked, ‘Did you like watching the videos?’ and ‘Would you like to watch videos again to learn new words?’ All participants responded in the affirmative to both questions.”

Findings. “[This study] extends the literature by demonstrating an effect for video modeling in teaching word recognition and pronunciation to adolescents with ASD.

  • “All three participants improved and maintained accuracy scores during the follow-up phase as compared to the baseline phase for both target behaviors (i.e. word recognition and word pronun­ciation)”
  • “This study provides support for the use of video modeling to teach basic reading recogni­tion skills to adolescents with ASD”
  • “Results of this study suggest that teachers and educators can use video modeling to target reading skills”.
  • “All participants’ word pronunciation accuracy increased between baseline and intervention, and baseline and follow-up”