Gemiini delivers unlimited access to video modeling therapy—anytime & anywhere.

Gemiini is an online, on-demand program that's been clinically proven to increase speech, language, reading, life skills, & social skills for people with & without exceptionalities.

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What is Gemiini?

Gemiini is a clinically-proven program that provides 100% web-based, on-demand therapy through research-based video modeling for learners with and without exceptionalities. 


Gemiini uses a video modeling approach that breaks down information into understandable and digestible bites to teach speech, language, reading, social skills, and life skills. Gemiini does this by giving focus to one concept at a time and presenting that information in a format that we call Discrete Video Modeling.

Gemiini an ideal solution for young children and people with special needs like autism, Down syndrome, speech delay, stroke, and others, and fits easily within our modern lifestyles. Gemiini makes integrating effective therapy possible and delivers unlimited access to therapy anytime and anywhere.


Gemiini Academy For Parents & Professionals

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Parents can learn all about Gemiini (at their own pace) with our online video training academy.

Professionals can become Gemiini-certified with our online certification course.


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