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Sara's "Little Guy's" Gemiini Journey

He was born prematurely at 30 weeks; diagnosed with speech and language delay at 18 months.

"At three years old we are finally getting somewhere! His attempts at words are getting better and better. "Banana" is sounding more and more like banana every day. His cadence of speech is where I've really noticed it."

— Sara W. (mom)

"Many children with untreated language delay appear to catch up on their own when they are little. Their real language deficits become clear in middle school as academics become more language-focused….By combining Gemiini with a trained professional speech pathologist, children really do get the best of both worlds." Continue reading →

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— Keri Arnold MS, CCC-SLP, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist


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What is Gemiini?

Gemiini is a clinically proven program that provides 100% web-based, on-demand therapy through research-based video modeling for learners with and without exceptionalities. With content in language, social skills, life skills, and reading, Gemiini makes integrating effective therapy possible and delivers unlimited access to therapy anytime and anywhere.

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​We've seen that if Gemiini is used for two years prior to kindergarten, children not only catch up to peers, but can even move ahead in both language and reading​.​

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Birth Rates for Twins and Multiples Are At An All-Time High

The rise in fertility drug usage increases premature birth risk

• Babies born prematurely have a significant risk of speech problems

• These babies can develop serious learning issues later in life

• Speech delay from prematurity is twice as prevalent as autism

​It's a fallacy to think that children will catch up to peers on their own. Many lifelong academic and social challenges can be avoided if children get help early enough. 18 months is not too early!​

Study: Childhood Language Disorder and Social Anxiety in Early Adulthood

"Childhood language disorder is a specific risk factor for a circumscribed set of social anxiety symptoms in adulthood, which are likely associated with communication challenges."

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"Gemiini has made major improvements when it comes to language for my children because they didn't have language [before Gemiini].”

— Ashleigh Johnson, Special Education Teacher in Birmingham, Alabama

"Before using Gemiini, when working with some students, they were not able to look at my face in direct one-on-one therapy. But after the program they seem to be more comfortable and willing to sit one-on-one, to focus on the face, to be able to work directly with me."

— Jennifer Maron, Speech-Language Pathologist

Embracing the Battle: Secrets of Victory From a Warrior Mom

Laura Kasbar is the founder of Gemiini Systems. She's also the mother of seven children, several of whom have learning disabilities including autism and dyslexia, and have overcome their learning differences through Gemiini. 

Download a free PDF version here.

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