Picture of Patricia's daughter Credit: Patricia Q.

"My daughter is almost completely typical and talking now! We do some little conversational things with Gemiini and I tell people about it every chance I get. It was a godsend. I thank you very, very much for developing this. I was at my lowest point and crying every day when I found Gemiini and with it came hope that I had some control over the situation and every day we could work on it with her. Maybe I couldn't pay for that speech therapist or drive the hour and a half to a bigger city to a speech therapist but I had Gemiini right in my home!! I had great support and help over the phone if I needed it from all the people who work there. We are going to keep our membership probably at least for another year, even though I don't even have a job but I have it on auto pay and we try our best to remember to get it paid for and so we really appreciate it. It has changed my life in the direction toward success, success, and more success so thank you very much from the bottom of my heart."

— Patricia Q (parent)

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