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Lydia is an spunky, sweet, music loving 4 year old that was diagnosed with ASD, dyspraxia, and SPD just after her 2nd birthday. She had, up until recently, been qualified as non-verbal as well. She had some words and sounds that people with her regularly occasionally could understand. We knew she could understand more than she could say. We started Geminii on a trial basis in January of this year. Within a week Lydia was making more eye contact, trying to initiate interactions with peers and adults across her home and school environment. She was watching people’s mouths when they were speaking. She began to babble and tell stories, only those of us with Lydia regularly could understand, but she was telling them. We knew we needed to continue this journey. In March Lydia would come home from school or aquatic therapy and tell me stories. One word here and there in a sequence that she wanted me to to repeat to be sure I understood, (“Pool” “You went to the pool?” “Water” “You went swimming in the water?” “Under” “You went under the water in the pool today?”). We were having a conversation! Both of us were excited and she told the story all night. In April, she grabbed her brother’s microphone, brought it into the living room and sang all of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We were all so proud that she sang it to us for 20 minutes straight, scanning the room each time she began to be sure all eyes were on her and if they weren’t, she would shout a, “Hey!” to command her audience and begin. At a recent team meeting with her preschool, everyone raved about how amazing they felt she had improved in the past few months. They had done a mini language inventory for a few days and she was talking up a storm and imitating just about anything. She had improved to minimally verbal and thriving in that short time! We are so gratefully the program. She has favorite lessons and watches them anywhere!

Cassandra D. (parent)

It's happening! My son just came up to me and said "up!" Because he wanted me to get up and come with him. This is the first time he's said up, instead of uh, and the first time he's ever said anything independently, without prompting. I am so proud of him, and so excited. We just started Gemiini 6 days ago!

Sarah M. (parent)

JJ started using Gemiini for the second time six months ago. During that six months he has gone from a vocabulary of 20 words when prompted to over 100 words with independent short sentences. His growth has been so great that his teacher is now integrating Gemiini into her program at school for JJ and the rest of her class. Raising a child with special needs really does take a village and we would like to thank Gemiini for being an integral part of our son’s village.

Jacob B. (parent)

Down Syndrome
Mila's Language is Blooming with Gemiini!

"Mila is 4 years old adopted from China at 2.5. She was completely nonverbal when she came home. We searched for something to encourage speech and found Gemiini! She adores all the signs & animal sounds. And we are even seeing her copying the sounds of the words she is learning. She is blooming right before our eyes. We are excited to see how far this program will take her."

Marta J. (parent)

My son was completely non-verbal and 10 years old when we started Gemiini... Over 2 years later he said his first word and now (3 years) he can repeat almost anything! He is requesting and starting to use sentences! When I think about what we would have missed if we had quit too soon, it brings tears to my eyes. The only way to fail, is to stop using it.

Hillary D. (parent)

Down Syndrome
Lily is requesting in sentences after using Gemiini!

"I am SO excited to post this video. Last week I saw a video on IG showing a child with Down syndrome learning through the Gemiini system. I was intrigued and signed up for a free trial week. Lily has only been using these videos for a few days,and we are already seeing huge progress in her speech. She has always struggled to add the ending sounds to words - but notice in this video she very clearly says FOOD and CUP with the ending sound. She has also struggled to pronounce words that start with F, so the fact that she is saying FOOD properly is huge evidence that this learning program is already working. Sam and I are so anxious to see what Lily’s speech is like in the months ahead, if this is the result we are seeing after just a few days of lessons ❤️ We have also heard her say words the past few days that we’ve never heard her use before .. and asking for things using sentences. Rather than her traditional “la la la Cheerios” she is saying “I want Cheerios, please” without any prompting! Go check out and tell them Lily sent you ☺️"

Patti R. (Parent)

Down Syndrome
Ellie's Speech has Exploded!

“Sometimes we practice speech and potty training simultaneously. Aside from “bye” these are all new words! Words she didn’t know a few weeks ago before we started Gemiini. I am amazed and in love with this program. I told her teachers and therapists when I started the program so they could also see if they noticed a difference, all of them tell me how her speech has exploded! It’s not just the words in the videos, she is trying all words and looking at my mouth for guidance. Speech has always been our biggest setback and I am thrilled beyond words with Gemiini! Thank you Instagram moms for introducing it to me. And isn’t her “cheetah” seriously the cutest thing ever? #gemiini”

Catherine B. (parent)


“Alex is 6 years old, he was diagnosed with ASD just after his 2nd birthday. He has some motor planning issues and apraxia of speech.
When Alex was 4 we started Gemiini. We were doing good, he was attempting sounds he had never made before, floroscopy got him interested in his mouth and tongue and he would look in our mouths to see how we made words. We also saw eye contact increase, more awareness but speech is huge challenge so I knew we were in for a lot more work. No clear words in the 18 months of Gemiini.
Due to a change in childcare, we took a 3 month break. At the end of this summer, he went into a full imitation phase, whatever his brother was doing he would do. He took off on this bike like he always knew how to peddle, he started copying the way we sit, when we played "just dance" he joined in, playing Twister he joined in! I knew I had to start Gemiini and take advantage. This time I just did the [language] pyramid, and I am assigning canned videos and rotating them every week. We have animal sounds! The rooster, the tiger… the chick. He thinks is so funny when we all make like a chick. I also got his teacher interested, we are going to try to watch on this IPAD in the classroom which will make it easier to get the 3 times a day repetition, since we can only usually manage 2 (breakfast with Dad and evening with Mom) That in a nutshell his out Gemiini story :) 
Looking forward to next … however long it takes
Since starting Gemiini again and he is trying so many words! His best blue and bread :D ”

Gina N. (Alex’s Mom)

DOWN SYNDROME- Improve Comprehension and Understanding!
"We started the program [Gemiini] a week ago. I'm super impressed. This is Emry- he's 13 months with Down syndrome."

Rachel L.

Felix is 5 years old and had started saying one word at a time. For example, jump, come, mama, dada etc. to indicate needs before we started Gemiini.
Started Gemiini in May of this year.
A week after starting, I took a video and was surprised that he could say the words on the flash cards. That gave me hope.

Here is Felix on November 4th…
When your non verbal kid is watching the "I want video" and he generalizes to home IUzvurLZ_v0-A3IFJ982yvU--pFI5ywI5bOxjmIB

Joycelyn D. (Parent)

We were told he would never talk. We used Gemiini with Alex for 1.5 years and it really worked for us. Alex started to speak after 4 months of using Gemiini and he showed a massive improvement in eye contact and receptive language from week one. Alex is no longer classed as non verbal and 90% of that I would say is due to us introducing Gemiini at a young age. Definitely worth it.

We are in the UK and stumbled across Gemiini in a desperate attempt to help our little boy. As I said, it worked wonders. My little boy also has Apraxia- hence why the speech did take a bit longer. In a classroom of his peers the professionals now have great difficulty even pointing him out as many of his ASD symptoms (traits etc) have reduced dramatically. Thank you for such a fantastic resource!

Donna C. (Parent)

So, there's this new program I was told about (last year by Aunt) that I finally decided to give a try. We literally joined it on my daughter's birthday (9-8-17 at 2:30am).
To be fair, I looked into it a couple times after my Aunt told me about it, but the pricing is pretty outrageous ($100/month), so I quit looking into it. Then, suddenly it popped up as a sponsored post on Facebook, talking about scholarships. I haven't thought much about it nor looked it up in probably a year now. I looked into it and investigated it (including YouTube videos of real users) and that seemed to draw my non-verbal son and my verbal daughter both in, so I signed up for the free trial figuring it would be really awesome or I'd cancel if it wasn't. Meanwhile, I applied for the scholarship, thinking it made it free, but it actually makes it $30/month, for all day, all the time access (except when it crashes, but I take that to mean we need a break when it happens).
So really, really wordy to get to this point: apparently the GemIIni program is extremely, extremely effective for my son (and my daughter loves it too). We watched 4-4 1/2 hours tonight, with a short break when they both walked away from it for about 30 minutes.
It has premade videos and allows you to create your own videos put together from theirs (and to upload short videos of your own, actually, but those require them agreeing before you can use them).
So, while this may just be how it's going for us, it definitely seems worth it if you have a kid with speech issues. It's essentially speech therapy (for less than the out of pocket we'd pay for less than we used it tonight alone). We've not used it two nights since joining because the kids passed out, but have otherwise used it every single day. And my son is starting to talk more. He said "mine" tonight at nuggets so my daughter wouldn't take his.

Laura Logan Mazzu

Gracias.tengo dos dias y llevo dos secciones con mi nina de 5 anos ella no habla mas que intenta decir dos otres palabras y con este programa ella intenta decir cualquier palabra y lo mas importante imita la articulacion de la boca , espero segir con este programa .Muchas gracias y lo voy a recomendar ampliamente.

Elia Garcia

Ceris (rhymes with Paris) is 8 and has Down Syndrome, CAS, a protruding tongue, hypotonia, and Autism. She has had ST, OT, and PT since she was a baby. She has had swallow studies, sleep studies, and she is currently scheduled for another swallow study. We have done home therapy, gone to specialists outside of the home for ST/OT/PT as well. We've tried the preschool prep,, we've tried where you put her hand on our throats to feel the vibrations. She's never been interested.

Then we heard about Gemiini, and have been using it since September of 2015. We were about to cancel it in July of 2016 because she just wasn't interested in it. We were broken. When we really didn't have anywhere else to turn, we realized that Ceris is just a late bloomer. For example, even with all the therapies, she didn't even start walking until she was 3 1/2.

So Gemiini was the only thing she was any sort of interested in. So we started picking up the pieces. Although she is still not at a conversational place yet, she will get there, and we have Gemiini to thank for that. I’m so glad we didn't give up.

Honestly, I cannot express how heartbreaking it is to tell my daughter I love her and she not say it back. She now says, "Hi" to everyone she knows. She says "bye-bye" she literally started waving last week. She is not potty trained, but she says "pee-pee” when she wants to go potty. She can say lion, fish, monkey & makes the ooh-ohh ahh-ahh monkey sound. She can say green, purple, blue. She can say rectangle, triangle. She can SING her ABC's and she can COUNT to TEN!

Although she doesn't say, "I love you" yet, she says "Nite-nite" since using Gemiini, she follows instructions more, such as paying attention when we are at the store, or wherever and she will stay in line at school. She stays in her seat more at school, and she is more attentive in general. She used to be mostly in her own little world, but now things are just starting to 'click' with her. We are unbelievably grateful for Gemiini.

They say having a child with special needs is like taking the scenic route. You still get to where you are going. It may take a little longer, but it will be well worth the trip. And Ceris is an amazing tour guide. I stated earlier that we were broken. Well, Gemiini has truly been a piece we've been missing. As you know, progress is progress, no matter how slow you go. Gemiini has helped us become whole, and Ceris will be very verbal with time and practice (and lots of patience & faith)."

Corrina B. (Parent)

Two years ago, a friend sent me a link she saw on Facebook, and I scanned over it but put it in the back of my mind because it seemed too good to be true. I thought only "real" speech therapy would help. Finally, something told me to give it another look, and I had a different feeling...hope! I figured we had nothing to lose. We are now almost a year in, and I've seen my 7-year-old previously non-verbal son go from screeching as his default communication to attempting words first. He also has private speech therapy twice a week, but his therapist works with what he's learning through Gemiini to layer his therapy. We are witnessing a miracle.

DeeDee S. (Parent)

"What if we had tried this two years ago? Where would my son be now? Do any of you want to wait two years if there is something out there to help now?"

-Lisa Crowe Young 

Don't Wait to Get Your Child Started With Gemiini

Gemiini has been amazing tool for our son Colton. We can't say enough words to express the benefit from this program. He gets so excited to go to WalMart and it's not to buy a toy. Because of your program, Colton is excited to go to the produce department! That's right I said, produce department! He has such excitement in his eyes and walks around with a big smile that would light up the room. He wants to show his parents what he knows. He will always find the broccoli first. He walks around smiling and sometimes jumping while identifying fruits and vegetables. He loves to put the items in our shopping cart. He is still a picky eater but, lately showing interest in trying a few new foods. The past two weeks Colton has started asking me, 'What are you doing momma?' School has reported to me last week he is asking his aide, 'What are you doing? Where are you going?'
He has learned about thunderstorms from this program and he loves thunderstorms! This program has taught him catch the ball and throw the ball. The list goes on and on. We put Gemiini in Colton's school last year. The program is amazing! 
Dana Mitchell

Dana Mitchell (Parent)

Just turned 2 and saying lizard and making the sound the very first day he saw Gemiini! So darn cute!


This little guy went from non-verbal to counting in just 4 months.

George Can Count!

It's so important to start Gemiini as early as possible. This mom started early with her son, then saw an unexpected benefit after her young daughter started talking too!

Stacy Elliott Van Tassel (Parent)
"We knew Cody especially would be slow to talk, but we could see how closely he paid attention to Gemiini. We knew it was getting through and we knew eventually it would come back out. Lainey benefitted from seeing these videos from a very early age, because she would watch them with Cody during snack time. Once we realized she was probably on the spectrum too we were so thankful she'd been exposed to Gemiini all along. Thank you all so much for everything you do. Please know that what you do when you go to work everyday is making real differences in real peoples' lives!"

Cody and Lainey Learn to Talk

Carson is two years old and has been using Gemiini for two months. He's already starting to say a few words and has used his first complete sentence! Here he is working on the word "blue." Go Carson!

Carson Says Blue!

Ethan is two years old and has never imitated much. Here he is after just one week with Gemiini!

Ethan After One Week With Gemiini

Anneline had been using Gemiini for about 9 months. She got her first, "I love you," and now, this:

Anneline V. (Parent)
"This was my son Zion's first attempt at playing any game with me using language - he chose to communicate in order to get me to run with him!" 

Zion Asks to Race His Mom!

Brenda H. (parent)

"My little Abby asked to watch the sports video I made on Gemiini! She kept saying 'base a ball,' 'base a ball!' I finally figured out what she wanted! Thank you Gemiini for making this wonderful program available! Hearing my baby girl's sweet voice is so amazing!"

Abby Speaks!

Jacqui S. (Parent)

"Check out "non-verbal" Jacob! Just back with Gemiini after getting the iPad back working and straight away he is trying to say 'crab!'"

Non-Verbal Jacob Says 'Crab!'

Gemiini can be used almost anywhere and is especially effective when used alongside clinical speech therapy. Not every child likes Gemiini, though. In fact, some kids hate it! That's why we created the "High Interest for Haters" series, which engages their little minds and helps turn them into success stories.

This is a video from parent Rachel O., who uses the "Haters" videos for her child in the car. Just listen to his tiny little voice begin to mimic sounds! Gemiini works best when devoted parents use all of the tools available to help support their children.

Gemiini in the Car- Listen to That Tiny Little Voice!

Lauren C. (Parent)

We have been using Gemiini for 3-4 months. We love Gemiini because we can easily work it in to our schedule even with 35 hours of ABA per week. The test function has allowed us to realize that Luke's receptive language is much larger than we thought. We just started back with ST this last month. The therapist was shocked that Luke will actually keep changing the way he says a word to try and match the correct pronunciation. She said that most autistic children do not self-monitor things like pronunciation. Luke has really tried to start saying words correctly since starting the Gemiini program. In the video you see him say his first naturally complete sentence. I was expecting for him to say "I want telephone, please" like he has learned in ABA. Instead he says "I want to see your telephone, please." I feel like Gemiini, in combination with his ABA therapy, is helping to expand Luke's verbal skills and definitely showing him how to pronounce words more clearly! We are looking ahead with much hope and great faith for what Luke can and will accomplish.
Thank you so much for all you do to help families like ours!

First Natural Sentence

Sharon W (Parent)

We have been using Gemiini for about 6 months over here in Australia. This is Max saying "cricket" in the car this morning. Tonight he sat next to me and said, "Hi Mummy!" and this afternoon when I brought home one of his favourite books he said, "Maxi's turn please" and read it to me. I could understand some of the sentences he babbled as he read it! :D :D :D

Oh also the other day Max was playing with a toy plane and I heard him say, "Mayday! Mayday! We're going down!" lol so precious! It's a dream come true hearing his little voice.
I'm in awe of your incredible work with Gemiini! It is JUST what Max needed! He loves the close ups of the mouths and he's learned to look at my mouth to learn how to say words now too.
Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this incredible product! :-)

It's a Dream Come True Hearing His Little Voice

We have been using Gemiini for 5 months. Zander went from totally non-verbal to this.

5 Months Ago, Zander was Non-Verbal

She's even learned to set up her own sessions and test herself too! 

Angelina Thrives With Gemiini