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My child had no language at all 6 months ago, he has came so far in such a short period. He can read and talks a lot at just five years old. He has autism and developmental delays, now he is ready for school.
Thank you Gemiini you have changed our lives and I will recommend to all parents of special needs kids.

Norma M. (parent)

Hi Gemiini team, it is a great start for my kid, thankful to my therapists parag and snehal. Also thanks to Natalia (Gemiini Coach) and Gemiini application. Love from India

Shiva K (parent)

My son Riley is 7 years old and has level 3 autism and ADHD. When he was 5 he couldn’t speak at all! We tried a range of therapy and none worked including ABA! Fast forward 6 months into using Gemiini and my son was using sentences! I actually couldn’t believe it and I think I cried almost every day because he would learn a new word so often! I can’t recommend Gemiini highly enough to people in my scenario!

Hailey P. (parent)

I have used Gemiini for 6 years and am so pleased with my results. I am an educator for students who are nonverbal. It has helped several children begin to speak, and has helped many other start the vocalization process. I create videos that address letter and number recognition, phonemic awareness, and academic skills as well as videos that depict self-care routines. I use the students' and teachers' pictures, and they love seeing themselves on the screen. I make videos of their names, and they can learn to identify their name by seeing it on the video. I use the close up feature for words and sounds that I want them to learn, and it is so rewarding to see the students actually "mouth" the words as they watch the videos. The list of possible videos is endless, and I cannot think of an area in which I was not able to create a video to teach a functional or academic skill. And, the videos are easy to create. I can create an 8-10 minute video in 5 minutes. Gemiini has been a great resource for me in the classroom!!

Diane H. (educator)

My daughter is 4 years old. Before Gemiini she didn't speak, she only sang nursery rhymes. We were extremely worried. SLP and therapy for autism are almost non-existent in our country. I saw Gemiini on Facebook and applied for a scholarship. She has been using this program for about 6 months. Her vocabulary has improved to about 100 words and most rewarding she would sometimes call for mommy and daddy. She makes more eye contact. Thank you Gemiini, highly recommended.

Shelly (parent)

My 4-year-old son who barely said a word started imitating words after the first week of Gemiini now it's (been) a month and he speaks most of the animals names and their sounds. I am too grateful to Gemiini and I keep on recommending it to everyone. Thank you Gemiini without your support I wouldn't be able to afford such services.

Batuusa (parent)

We love Gemiini! We started this when Liam was 4. We did it for a year and a bit for 10 minutes 2x a day as suggested and Liam started to say some single words if asked to say them.

Amazingly, he started to understand more and would look at us when we called him. He had shown no signs of this from around the age of 2 1/2 when he stopped responding to us 1f614.png it was at that time he also lost all 15 words that he could say.1f622.png

We stopped Gemiini for a year as we moved houses and just didn’t continue it. I wish I had, but I’m just glad we started again a year ago!

We do the program everyday we sometimes skip Sunday and he absolutely loves it, it’s a really lovely time of day. We sit snuggled on the sofa for about an hour watching the videos and repeating the words sentences, he also works on his articulation videos. He’s had Glue ear for we think about two years (undetected) He’s doing really well since his grommets have been in and trying hard to get his sounds right.

Liam now can follow instructions, answer your questions with yes thank you or no, or in full sentences what he wants. He can ask for things in full sentences too!!!!!! He can say his name, age, eye colour, how many things there are, count to 100 with prompting to continue, read basic books! Name all his toys when asked, animals and their sounds. In fact he can name all objects he knows. It’s the Best thing we ever did for Liam. And as it has programs to follow for all abilities you always have next steps. There are hours and hours and thousands of videos to choose from. There is also the set programs to follow. There are staff to call for free if you have any questions!

If you know someone who’s child has Autism, Down syndrome, speech delay or articulation difficulties please show them this. There is a free trial and a scholarship so you don’t have to pay the full amount. We pay £45 a month on the scholarship and it’s worth every single penny! You can start this at any age and you can choose the level by answering simple questions about the student.

Liam has achieved so much in the last year before that I was lost and found it hard to know what to do next as he just didn’t retain or respond to anything I tried.

Even with all the tricks up my sleeve and skills from my background teaching Special needs children, children with behavioural difficulties and children who were academically very far behind and vulnerable. I admit I had nothing that stuck or worked for him.

He has severe Apraxia (dyspraxia of speech) and he’s had glue ear for around 2 years and Autism with traits of ADHD and I suspect dyslexia.

Please don’t give up on your child’s speech, don’t say they can’t speak, say they haven’t spoken yet and give Gemiini a try.

Kristen R. (parent)

My son knew a lot of words but he had difficulty stringing sentences. I modeled and modeled and modeled. Then I signed up for Gemiini. He would watch the videos which showed him how to answer questions, how to string sentences, how to correctly use the pronouns or verb tenses and that is all he needed to be able to actually start answering using whole sentences and speaking using sentences. It was crazy. Some kids though may need more daily practice than others. My son was very good at generalizing. Once he understood the convent he could generalize.

Natalia G. (parent)

I would like to thank you extensively for all the videos you have sent to my son. By the grace of God he has fully grasped every session assigned to him. He has excellently learned all of the parts of the body. He always comes up to me and points at the body parts he learned. He's learned all of the colors and shapes, as well as all of the animals assigned to him. 

K.S.A. (parent)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU GEMIINI. This program has been more helpful to my son’s speech than the government assigned SLP and OT.

My son has Trisomy 21 (aka Down Syndrome). We have been using GEMIINI since he was 18 months old. At that time he had one word, “Baa” for sheep. SLP said he was at the level of a 6 month old. Just after he turned 3, we went to a farm and the goats were bleating. Clear as day and unprompted he said, “I hear a goat!”. Yeah, farm animals are his thing. Our SLP has been amazed at his progress. We still have lots to work on (I can only understand 60% of what he’s saying), but he is actually talking in short sentences! I don’t think this would of been possible without GEMIINI. Also, it helped him learn colours, shapes, numbers, and so much more. THANK YOU!

Kelly G. (parent)

It's given us some peace of mind. Our 4 yr old was doing well with speech therapy, but does not respond to live interaction via zoom. So I play videos, and hear him say the words or do the actions and know that I'm doing something that is effective. For less than insurance co-pays for virtual speech therapy would be.

Jason G. (parent)

My son is 4 years old and doesn’t understand what we say to him. I started Gemiini 3 months ago and now he looks at us, and we can see that he is understanding. AND, he is now using the toilet! The Gemiini potty training videos worked great. We are sticking with Gemiini as it is the best hope for our son. 

Gemma E. (parent)

I have been seeing Gemiini on my FB for years, but I always thought that I couldn’t afford it. I saw someone talking about a scholarship and so I tried. Happy to say I was approved. My son is 10 years old and before Gemiini he only said one word at a time. We have been using Gemiini for over a year, and now he can speak in sentences and sometimes even has a back and forth conversation. I am hopeful for my son. I wish I started earlier!

Victoria A. (parent)

My 3.3 year old was not talking and I was worried about autism. She has not had a diagnosis as I could not afford the cost. Instead of spending so much on a diagnosis, with no money for treatment, I just tried Gemiini. I applied for a scholarship and am grateful for the help. She has been using Gemiini each day for 6 months and she can say over 100 words now, all from Gemiini. All I can say is, “Try it! It works! There is help!”

Maria C. (parent)

We lost speech therapy for Katie before she even graduated from high school. Waiting list for waiver-funded speech therapy is backed up for years. We could never afford to pay out-of-pocket. I was left to try to provide it myself as well as all the motor therapies and academic work. Gemiini provided us an affordable, unlimited therapy that does more than speech, and sees better results than the therapists at school. Getting Gemiini was like hiring a full-time teaching assistant for a fraction of the cost. We love Gemiini‼️

Betty B. (parent)

Gemiini has given me hope that there is a way out of the tantrums, crying and toy throwing- those were his ways of trying to say something. We have moved from throat sounds to one word labeling, now he's beginning to piece 2 words together. Its been amazing because English isn't our first language so I had to make do with custom videos of the common English words we encounter, and that has helped stimulate speech in general, including our native language. Gemiini gives hope.

Tendai M. (parent)

I feel like Gemiini has taught me how to help my son. He’s getting therapy and I’m learning techniques when we watch the videos. I also feel that it is a safety net on the days I am overwhelmed by all my son’s therapies because I can just hit play without having to contemplate how I am going to approach his therapy that day or where we are headed next. I can just trust in the program as it is so extensive and well thought out, and adaptable! It has absolutely reduced my stress!

Kelly G. (parent)

We're in Australia and our son is almost 5. He's been almost completely non-verbal. We have tried to encourage speech the entire time but only started using Gemini last month. We did have a little trouble getting him started because he wanted the interactive touch experience but since making it full screen he's glued to it. He just said two words in the first session. We are still in disbelief. It was hard to hold back tears. 

If you have autistic children and struggling with speech, you need to give this a real try.

Mark L. (parent)

I am a Speech and Language Pathologist who has been fortunate enough to have had experience using The Gemiini Program. I began using it with my students with Autism Spectrum Disorder almost 3 years ago. Most were nonverbal and displayed significant behaviors. While using the program I immediately noticed better attention and increased vocalization. Since that time, I started working at another Charter School for students with ASD. When the COVID-19 school shutdown occurred, we were forced to figure out and learn how to best educate and service our students remotely. I immediately thought of Gemiini and discussed it with the director. I contacted Gemiini and explained our predicament and my goal to facilitate therapy using Gemiini as a tool. It was THE BEST decision I ever made. To be able to connect to my parents and students through this distance learning platform was amazing! Not only were the parents excited, but it turned out the therapists on my team were too. The training for the team was all online and seamless. Onboarding students was effortless. It was easy to select the videos and assignments and align them with the student’s IEP goals. Training, collaborating with and supporting the parents was easy to do remotely and made all the difference in the world. All students were given this opportunity- but only the ones who consistently engaged and participated made the progress. So easy for everyone- just click play and run the videos assigned. Whether the child watched intently or just listened to it while it played, progress was made. Data was easily gotten when the parents tested at the end of each video. I could monitor progress daily. I would then add or modify the assignments based on progress. The feedback I continue to get from the families is ALL POSITIVE. Live 1:1 or group instruction via distance learning proved everything I was hearing- nonverbal students were now verbal thanks to Gemiini in the home:

Some making sounds, some making words and some making SENTENCES!

Decreases in echolalia. Increases in ability to answer questions. All were participating, attending and having fun. The parents have never been happier. They claim without Gemiini their children would not have progressed at the rate they did.

I have continued to use it for distance learning this summer and look forward to using it again when school opens in August- either remotely, in person or a hybrid approach. It is too easy NOT to use, and the results are undeniable.
Gemiini has never ceased to amaze me. Thank you Gemiini!

Paula Perretz, Connections Education Center of the Palm Beaches; Speech and Language Pathologist

At the beginning of lockdown due to COVID-19, my son was non verbal. He was born deaf and has cochlear implants for 2 years already but not one word. We were struggling with him being engaged and present and he would very often just be in his own world. His speech teacher was convinced he has autism. I was at my wits end- I didn't sleep at night and had to be put on special anxiety medication because of this. Would my son ever speak? He is almost 4 years old. All the therapies that we do just don't seem to help. Then I stumbled across Gemiini on a Facebook ad and thought WOW this is probably another scam. My sister then also came across it and told me to give it a try. What's the worst that can happen, right? We started at Level 1 and after a few sessions, we noticed our boy trying to copy whatever the kids on the video would do. Mmmm, okay, so when would he start to say words? It's been 3 months and not only has communication and language started but he is engaged, more social and interactive. He uses signs and words- all thanks for Gemiini. Last week he finally said "Daddy!" Thank you- you have changed my life and because of you, I can sleep again :)

Anonymous (parent)

I just wanted to let you know how successful the Gemiini program has been with my students. Those who have consistently stuck with it during this time of distance-learning have really progressed. Those kiddos who were verbal are that much more now. And those kiddos who were nonverbal are now communicating using words. It’s been a blessing to the families. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have been able to use this program. Thank goodness for Gemiini!

Paula P. (teacher)

I just want to give you an update on how Gemiini has helped my son improve his communication skills. Today makes it exactly a month we subscribed to Gemiini. Thanks to your team for the scholarship granted.  My son's vocabulary has improved. The number of words he knows and understands has drastically improved. He is now more expressive. He can say what he wants with courtesy. His echolalia has drastically reduced after adopting the strategies for stopping echolalia from Gemiini.  He can sit down and write 1-70 now with prompting from me. This use to be very difficult.  He practically wants to mimic every action word shown. And even when not watching the video, when he sees an action done by someone else he quickly relates it to the video and says the action. He can match objects more accurately now. His hand-eye coordination has improved as we practice cutting using scissors. He has also improved in interactive play with his sister who is just seven. As a matter of fact, she helps out with teaching and modelling what my son learns on the Gemiini app. His receptive and expressive language has improved. My son loves watching Gemiini. I am super excited and grateful for Gemiini. I am also eternally grateful for the scholarship opportunity without which we would not have been able to access the transformational contents in Gemiini.  Thank you once again.

Happiness E. (parent)

I have been using Gemiini for a month now for my 5 year old ASD daughter. She had exceptionally low verbal output before but after using Gemiini she has picked up the pace on imitations. Its word after word AND she expresses her needs in single words now. I cannot thank you enough. Gemiini is a gem. Love from Pakistan.

Saba Z. (parent)

My 4 year old autistic girl loves your videos and most important she’s getting more expressive with only a week of your program!

My husband and I will keep this program until she no longer needs it. I’m so excited to see her progress with this amazing program. I’m just a bit disappointed that my Speech therapist was not aware of this fabulous program. This is after spending 1000$/month on speech therapy!!! Better late then never."

Chantal C. (parent)

In just one week (his first week) using Gemiini our special non-verbal toddler learned his body parts thanks to the wonderful video clips. We love the program and how easy it is to use. We have the Session Viewer app to play the videos on the go wherever we are with our phones. We love it. Thank you so much for helping our child to recognize and learn words, to help us communicate with him. If I could give you 100 stars I would!

Zaira V. (parent)

I knew in my gut and my heart and soul that Gemini program was going to be the answer to help my daughter Rhiannon succeed. The very first time we used this program she started to repeat what they were saying she does not repeat really and now she literally right when my two-week trial is almost up with Gemini Rhiannon started speaking to me fully it was so awesome so beautiful which she spoke before of course she has lots of things she says but she doesn't always say it when she should so it's amazing to us every time she starts to speak again and I know for a fact that this has made her speaking even better in a very small amount of time! Thank you GEMIINI!! BEST PROGRAM EVER!!

Anonymous (parent)

My daughter went from imitating nothing, to over 5 items right away, and she is really trying to say the words. She actually says "bear", and she has never spoken. Even with years of therapy.

Tim F. (parent)

I love Gemiini. I have gotten a million times better responses and growth in my autistic daughter than any types of therapy including speech therapy. I cannot speak highly enough of it.

Christine D. (parent)

Thank you so much for approving my request for scholarship so that my daughter Levana can use your program! Thank you for all the support on how to use it too! I have customized a couple of videos for her to include Russian words, and she's been watching these for the last couple of weeks. We are still finding our feet with it and I am going to try a few things for her, but everyone has noticed the difference already. Her teachers at the nursery started telling me that she is making so many more sounds and repeats words after them much more clearly. And that was before I told them that we started using Gemiini. And at home we have noticed that Levana is communicating more clearly and making new sounds and trying new words. Thank you so much! We are going to continue with it and looking forward to all the wonderful progress that she's making. Our play therapist (this is a free service our local council provides for children with special needs) was so impressed and asked me to forward her the details of your website, because so many parents ask her about improving speech of their children, but unfortunately our local (free) speech and language therapists do not provide any help for improving pronunciation and articulation of speech. They are more orientated towards using signing (which I don't mind) and communicating in this way, not really focusing on speech. But I (like many other parents) want my daughter to communicate clearly to others around her. She is such a social soul and loves being around other children. I so look forward to when she can chat to her friends and other people and be understood by them!

Thank you again for your support and for creating such fantastic tool!

Elina (parent)

Gemiini in Preschool