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This little guy went from non-verbal to counting in just 4 months.

George Can Count!

It's so important to start Gemiini as early as possible. This mom started early with her son, then saw an unexpected benefit after her young daughter started talking too!

Stacy Elliott Van Tassel (Parent)
"We knew Cody especially would be slow to talk, but we could see how closely he paid attention to Gemiini. We knew it was getting through and we knew eventually it would come back out. Lainey benefitted from seeing these videos from a very early age, because she would watch them with Cody during snack time. Once we realized she was probably on the spectrum too we were so thankful she'd been exposed to Gemiini all along. Thank you all so much for everything you do. Please know that what you do when you go to work everyday is making real differences in real peoples' lives!"

Cody and Lainey Learn to Talk

Carson is two years old and has been using Gemiini for two months. He's already starting to say a few words and has used his first complete sentence! Here he is working on the word "blue." Go Carson!

Carson Says Blue!

Ethan is two years old and has never imitated much. Here he is after just one week with Gemiini!

Ethan After One Week With Gemiini

This was my son Zion's first attempt at playing any game with me using language - he chose to communicate in order to get me to run with him!

Anneline V. (Parent)

My little Abby asked to watch the sports video I made on Gemiini! She kept saying 'base a ball,' 'base a ball!' I finally figured out what she wanted! Thank you Gemiini for making this wonderful program available! Hearing my baby girl's sweet voice is so amazing!

Brenda H. (parent)

Check out "non-verbal" Jacob! Just back with Gemiini after getting the iPad back working and straight away he is trying to say 'crab!'

Jacqui S. (parent)

Gemiini can be used almost anywhere and is especially effective when used alongside clinical speech therapy. Not every child likes Gemiini, though. In fact, some kids hate it! That's why we created the "High Interest for Haters" series, which engages their little minds and helps turn them into success stories.

This is a video from parent Rachel O., who uses the "Haters" videos for her child in the car. Just listen to his tiny little voice begin to mimic sounds! Gemiini works best when devoted parents use all of the tools available to help support their children.

Gemiini in the Car- Listen to That Tiny Little Voice!

We have been using Gemiini for 3-4 months. We love Gemiini because we can easily work it in to our schedule even with 35 hours of ABA per week. The test function has allowed us to realize that Luke's receptive language is much larger than we thought. We just started back with ST this last month. The therapist was shocked that Luke will actually keep changing the way he says a word to try and match the correct pronunciation. She said that most autistic children do not self-monitor things like pronunciation. Luke has really tried to start saying words correctly since starting the Gemiini program. In the video you see him say his first naturally complete sentence. I was expecting for him to say "I want telephone, please" like he has learned in ABA. Instead he says "I want to see your telephone, please." I feel like Gemiini, in combination with his ABA therapy, is helping to expand Luke's verbal skills and definitely showing him how to pronounce words more clearly! We are looking ahead with much hope and great faith for what Luke can and will accomplish.

Thank you so much for all you do to help families like ours!

Lauren C. (parent)

We have been using Gemiini for about 6 months over here in Australia. This is Max saying "cricket" in the car this morning. Tonight he sat next to me and said, "Hi Mummy!" and this afternoon when I brought home one of his favourite books he said, "Maxi's turn please" and read it to me. I could understand some of the sentences he babbled as he read it! :D :D :D

Oh also the other day Max was playing with a toy plane and I heard him say, "Mayday! Mayday! We're going down!" lol so precious! It's a dream come true hearing his little voice.
I'm in awe of your incredible work with Gemiini! It is JUST what Max needed! He loves the close ups of the mouths and he's learned to look at my mouth to learn how to say words now too.
Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this incredible product! :-)

Sharon W. (parent)

We have been using Gemiini for 5 months. Zander went from totally non-verbal to this.

5 Months Ago, Zander was Non-Verbal

She's even learned to set up her own sessions and test herself too! 

Angelina Thrives With Gemiini

22-Month-Old Girl with Down Syndrome LOVES Gemiini

Gemiini: 3 Years Later

"This is the longest conversation we've ever had. Crying happy tears!"

Brenda G. (Parent)

J. Gaunt (Parent)

Just over 1 month on the Apraxia protocol and yesterday I got a 'mummy' for the first ever time!!! He's said mumumumumum on and off throughout his life, but yesterday he wanted my attention. He pulled my shirt first and when I didn't react straightaway (I was bent over facing away from him) he said, "Mummy!!!" He wanted to tell me that he had wet his pants! We have been working on 'mummy' most of all with Gemiini, showing it every morning for a month! He's 7.5

J. Fraser (parent)

We first started last January. I started off with putting it on quick start. And doing the sessions as told. My boy took to them, he also loved home videos and YouTube videos. So this was up his alley.

We knew he knew the basics that Gemiini was teaching at the beginning, he didn't say much repetition, and he still had that babble talk unless specifically asked about something and the occasional throw out of a word if really motivated.
Then I fell through with playing so much, even trying random videos so he wouldn't get too bored.
See our child's main problem is speech and language as an ASD kid.
So I start playing them less and less. Why. Well like most time and he could just turn them off himself. 
And he didn't seem to be moving forward much, and well appointments took over.
I discovered a ps4 and tv connection this last month. And started where I left off. Randomly playing the animal ones and knowing where his language needed to go playing more advanced videos.
Well you know the hi stop what's animal is this, stop, jump, stop, etc video. I played and he just started doing the motions and saying what was on the video. I taped it! I'm super happy with what i thought had no affect on my kid except reinforce his knowledge and help say a few words he was saying better.
I went on to the animal videos, and he was saying every animal sound, slow pronounciation with the faster pronounciation.
So I end with this Saturday night with Gemiini, this time I went to Conversation 1 beginning section. Saying I love you, can you help me carry the box, are you hungry? Well it's was time to go up for a snack and he went upstairs to my husband saying "are you hungry? " and today at supper I said its almost time to eat and sat at the table saying "are you hungry?" 
Which we are interpreting as I am hungry.
Huge leap and bounds! Not only does he repeat these words, his pronounciation is much better and the babbling (which we think is mimicking are faster paced speech) has slowed down to more of a understanding and more clear speech of what he is doing or pretend playing. And boy his requests are becoming more like more than 3 word requests/statements and unfortunately for us but great for him, he's now telling us with more assertiveness what he wants, especially if he's being a stick in the mud!
I will continue to use Gemiini as it has proven to be useful even when I thought my child wasn't listening. It is a tool for me a mom who's learning to teach speech/language.
Just another success story to add to all those other Gemiini stories.
I hoping this help give hope to the people reading this. 
Never give up! 
And remember even if your child isn't talking or isn't at what the age they are suppose to be at, what's most important are the tools you have given your child with and the abundance of knowledge that comes from tools such as Gemiini along with that love you have for them!
So grateful!"

Maria A. (Parent)

We started Gemiini when my son was probably about 2 1/2. We were doing the regular videos for over a year and then stopped using it. I was still part of the discussion group so when the live video about apraxia was posted I saw it and we decided to try using the videos again but this time using the apraxia protocol. I'm so glad we did! We've only been doing it about a week but my son has already said or partially said all five of the words in the video! This morning he even signed "more" then said "peas cereal" (Please cereal)! If you are thinking about giving up please try the apraxia protocol!

Jennifer C. (Parent)

We began Gemini about 21 months ago. Two children, both ASD. I found Gemiini but hadn't heard of previously. Mentioned it to our ABA analyst who had seen early research and was very optimistic. SL Therapist hadn't heard of and was skeptical! Signed up as thought it was worth a try. 

At the time our first child, Sadhbh, a girl, was four years, she had a two year delay in language. She was moderate on ASD scale.  At time of signing up with Gemiini had gotten to 10th centile for overall language score. Receptive language was less than 5th centile. improvements were slow and hard earned.  Second child, Seanan, was just two, he had 15 sounds (mmm for milk, a few animal signs ....) and almost no receptive language. Couldn't  follow a single direction. Was very frustrated. No imitation skills at all. Very poor play skills too. 

Seanan, within a week, was pointing, imitating and saying all the animal sounds. By six months he was saying sentences. Now over a year later he is chatty, speaking in sentences. He's had first language test and he's ahead for age now! With the speech delay sorted he has become a social little boy and is just settling into his new mainstream preschool with ease. 

Sadhbh had small improvements...pronunciation, eye contact, attempts at conversation, watching people's mouth, speaking more to person than to space..... After another two months we noticed more improvements. She started to use some of the scripted conversations. After six months she had big gains. Last years language score she reached 21st centile after six months of Gemiini with receptive language score at 10th centile. She's just had assessment last month and she's 47th centile so very much improved again. 

Additional achievements are a big increase in social behaviour. She is playing with children. Yes she is still behind socially but she is definitely catching up. 

I feel GEMIINI has allowed our girl to flourish in mainstream school. At start of primary she barely had enough words to enter the class. A year and half later she is top in her class for reading. Her receptive language is hugely improved. She's following directions. Still expressive language is challenging but much improved. 

I cannot recommend Gemiini highly enough. It has made such a difference to our children and their lives. It is so easy to use and relative to other therapies it is inexpensive. Due to the gains we have seen with Gemiini I now believe both my children will be capable of a successful independent life and that they themselves will determine their own outcome. 

I think Laura Kasbar and her family have given the world an incredible gift. Such foresight to see what a difference she could make to so many people the world over!! I feel the management team at Gemiini make a huge contribution to the success of Gemiini. They are proactive in putting more and more video clips together that allow our children to develop language skills in areas that are relevant to them.  Thank you very very much!!"

Liz L. (Parent)

Here's my 3 1/2 year old son enjoying one of our sessions 'Counting 1-30.' He has been doing Gemiini for 6 weeks so far and has started being a lot more engaging and has attempted several words. Some have been really clear!

So proud of him. Little steps in a positive direction.

Dave R. (parent)

My son started GemIIni almost 2 months ago and he is starting to say a few words! The other day he said a complete sentence, "I did it!" I was so happy I almost cried! This has given me so much hope, so glad we decided to give it a try.

Melissa A. (parent)

I AM ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have had GEMIINI for one month today but only really used it consistently for the last 2 weeks and Jacob just decided to show me that he can say the first 3 words in lesson 2.0!!!!!!!!!!

You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
So many happy tears!!!!!

Jenn V. (Parent)

My daughter is 21 with DS. She had reached a point where she would just look at me every time someone spoke to her. She knew they couldn't understand her. One month with Gemiini and we are seeing eye contact and voluntary greetings! She used to just parrot back the last thing we said when given a choice. Now she at least tries to say what she really wants. Gemiini is one of the best things we ever did for her I highly recommend it!!!

Betty B. (parent)

We've almost completed our first day with the program. And I've been wiping away happy tears for most of it. My 2 year old son who is mostly non verbal (his only functional word is bye bye), sensory processing disorder and we are waiting for our autism evaluation. Did 3 (count em 3!!!!!) Imitations today. I can't belive it! What a wonderful day!

Emily C. (Parent)

I started Gemiini about 3 months ago. It was the first thing I tried when my then 17-month-old was labeled "at risk" for autism. We have been watching the animal sounds videos repeatedly and I've even made some of my own. Just this past week, my son started talking. He only says a few words (car, mama, dada, pawpaw, kitty, uh-oh, juice) but he knows so many animal sounds. I had no clue he was absorbing all of those. He knows elephant, sheep, monkey, snake, dog, cat, tiger, and lion. It's really incredible. His speech therapist is amazed! He is picking up more animal sounds every day. I have to admit, I was skeptical but not anymore.

Thank you Gemiini!

Megan S. (parent)

I’m so excited! We have been using Gemiini for under a week and I have seen amazing improvement in my 3-year-old! I know that sounds crazy, but I’m watching this unfold before my eyes! Here’s an example: He has struggled with the word “fix” for so long. He usually says, “seek.” He could make all the individual sounds, he just couldn’t put them together. Out of the blue today, he clear as day said, “fix.”His articulation has significantly improved in just six days. I tell everyone who will listen about Gemiini!

​Nancy B. (parent)

In the past two days, my grandson Logan, for the first time, pet a dog. It was an actual stroke of the fur from head to hinney, twice. He also held and hugged, for a couple of minutes, a stuffed animal. He is 2 years 9 months old. This is huge. He has been using Gemiini since Nov. '15. He continues to be without words but his social interaction and eye contact has improved immensely.

​Connie P. (grandparent)

At the mall, after watching the Gemiini cowboy video, my daughter just climbed onto the moving toys then asked for 'coins' to put in and she stayed on it for 3 rounds!! She used to hate things like that before.

Georgie V. (parent)

Max was watching his Gemiini video about hamburgers so I asked him if he would like a cheeseburger. He said yes! So I bought him one and he pretended to eat it and studied it and opened it and nibbled on a tiny edge of the bread. This is HUGE for him! I'm guessing a couple more attempts and he will actually bite one!

​Sharon E. (parent)