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We started Gemiini a week ago today. We are amazed at our son's progress! On the first day, he said 'bear' for the first time ever, then not much for the rest of the week... although was very interested in the videos. Today, out of the blue, started repeating all the words and actions from video 2.0. My husband and I nearly fell over! This is from a four-year-old with Autism, who only knows a few words and has a hard time speaking. Feeling super hopeful and motivated. Thank you Gemiini!!!

​Barbara B. (Parent)

My son is 27 and continues to make gains using the program on average of one hour per day. He loves it and is highly motivated in doing the program, he reminds me every weekend that he will start again on Monday. He does the program Monday thru Friday taking the weekends off. As a mom of an older child with special needs that has tried many therapies over the years- I would say this and occupational therapy have done more for my son than anything. Just remember not to expect instant results, for most it takes time and consistency. Don't be discouraged, I believe you will see some benefits for your child in due time, every child is unique and the timetable will not be the same for everyone.

​Carol M. (Parent)

"First Gemiini gains to report! My guy is a few months shy of six years old. He has autism and was also recently diagnosed with MERLD. He is verbal, but his average age between receptive and expressive language is 3 years, 3 months, so we have a long way to go.

I've been making custom videos for him. This week we've been doing comparisons and action verbs. Today after his dad told him he was going upstairs, he said "I understood." Later, he gathered all his pretzels and told me, "I have all of them." Both of these are concepts covered in his video this week.

Lastly, he asked his first "why" question today.

I've waited so long to hear him ask "why" about something. I can't wait to keep going and see what he'll say next."

​Sarah P. (Parent)

"Something has clicked in him watching these videos. He's responding to his name more consistently, he's been saying or trying to say words. He recognizes animals he's learned, and he even has responded to me. We know that these are no less than amazing, especially when you feel hopeless. What do you have to lose?"

​Allie C. (Parent)

"I would like to say that this program is the best thing that has happened to my family. My son who was non verbal in any way is now saying up to 25+ words. Today we were watching dog videos on youtube and he said 'dog' and proceeded to make sounds like a dog. I teared up with joy."

Clorina H. (Parent)

"I just started Gemiini for my non-verbal 2 1/2 year-old son, who was diagnosed with ASD four months ago. He has been in speech therapy for almost a year & has barely tried mimicking sounds or words ... Until now. My jaw was on the floor when he said "Cat" perfectly on day 2 & "Dog" on day 3. I cried happy tears, I am so over the moon happy hearing his little voice!!!"

Jen R. (Parent)

"We heard "daddy" and "I love you" for the first time yesterday...brought tears of joy."

Allie C. (Parent)

"My son is 3.5 and starts school in the UK in September. He is Autistic and only had a few words. We started this program 6 weeks ago and it is amazing the amount of words he is now using and his unprompted speech is massively improving. Definitely seeing a massive difference already."

Vanessa M. (Parent)

First Gemiini gains to report! My guy is a few months shy of six years old. He has autism and was also recently diagnosed with MERLD. He is verbal, but his average age between receptive and expressive language is 3 years, 3 months, so we have a long way to go.

I've been making custom videos for him. This week we've been doing comparisons and action verbs. Today after his dad told him he was going upstairs, he said "I understood." Emphasis on the d. :-)Later, he gathered all his pretzels and told me "I have all of them." Both of these are concepts covered in his video this week.

Lastly, he asked his first "why" question today. I've waited so long to hear him ask "why" about something. I can't wait to keep going and see what he'll say next.

Sara Phillips Edwards - Parent

We have been using Gemiini for over 7 months with my 6 yo son.
He is now consistently asking me questions like: What did you do today Mom? Did you do some work? Can we go to the pool? How was your day? He was not conversational when we started and he never asked anything.

He is consistently responding to his name when called. I call him when I can't see him and he now answers 100% of the time and tells me where he is. That is huge for us as he would never respond before we started.
He also now calls for me. "Mom, Mom where are you?" That was our first ever on Sunday.
He is able to tell me at least 3 or 4 things he did at school with no prompts. So if I ask him what he did at school he can come up with things to share. Which is awesome as he was not able to formulate a sentence when we started.

He for the first time ever (last Sunday) asked his sister if she would play hide and see with him. So I played with them. When Sophia was looking for him she would say "oh I wonder where he is" and then we would hear his say "I'm under the table". So I actually had to tell him not to talk. That is again huge for us as he never wanted to play games like that before.

And last but certainly not the least is : I was sitting in our kitchen the other day and he needed help with his sock so he came to me and asked for help. I was looking at my phone and I must have been frowning or something because when he approached me he said "Mom I need help with my sock." and then he looked at my face and he said "Are you ok Mom?" I was just shocked to hear that, because he never asked anything like that before. And he seemed to noticed my facial expressions.

All I have to say is I am so amazed at how much progress he has made in the last few months. I am so thankful and grateful for Gemiini.
We have a lot of things to still work on but this is the first time I see visible progress being made.

Natalia Gardella- Parent

2.5 month into Gemiini, time to have a review on our progress: I'm sure a happy and excited mom ever! My boy, B.. is somewhat autistic (still waiting for diagnosis, probably in Nov this year) and he will be 3 in a month. Ever since we started this journey, we've found he has improved a lot in eye contact, social interaction and joint attention that already impressed me but that was just a good start. My boys (35 month and 18month) watch the video together and I feel lucky they both like it (my youngest won't sit too long though).

So, I keep tracking on how many words B... says, before Gemiini was around 40 but he gains more than 100 words in 2.5 month!!! I have to have my ears open everyday as there are always new words coming out, I really can't believe my luck!! These few days, he keeps showing me kitchen items and says 'spatula', 'sauce pan', 'can opener' and even 'refrigerator' (he is saying ri-ger-ta, but it's ok for now) and many more..... I keep practicing the animals (the sounds they make); color; shapes; body parts; food etc with him and he can still remembers most of them!! And we play follow instructions as the one @ Waiting in line (respond when called), both of my boys response well.

Oh, not just new words but also have clearer words too, e.g. B... starts to say milk and before he only gets the last syllabus (sounds like the phonics of L & K) And since last month, he started two words phase too: drink yogurt, go down, go pee/poop, turn around, try again etc.

Someone told me that B... will have problems having 'normal' conversation with people but I have faith that after we finished the QSL then some conversational speech and QSR, he will catch up well with peers!!

Honestly there are some videos B..... tends to watch with hands covering his eyes but when the video runs again and again he seems no problem with it. Parents with kids not interested, please keep playing the videos and hopefully your kids will click in. I really want to thank Laura again for creating such a wonderful program as it's like the lost key to unlock the potential from Bryan and I'm glad we started right away when my friend referred it to me!!

Esther T. (Parent)

"This is Nathan, almost 3 weeks into Gemiini.

Yesterday while driving I hear from the backseat "mom!" I ask what he needs Nate says "ink (drink)" I ask what he'd like to drink he says "Chaw Mik (chocolate milk)"

I had a real conversation with my "non-verbal" son!!! THANK YOU GEMIINI!!!

Sue Iworsley- Parent

Spring Valley, NV

"Hi, I am a speech therapist in Clark county school district in Las Vegas. I paid for a Gemiini account out of my own pocket for a sweet 4 year old student I service. He had been receiving 2 hours of ABA tx before school!! (5am-7am!!!) then he goes to an autism preschool program in the district where I provide 240 min of speech therapy a week! And he was making little to no progress! I was literally crying myself to sleep over this little guy. I stumbled upon Gemiini on FB and said, "what have I got to lose except $100?" So it's been 2 weeks and he is spontaneously pointing, imitating the animal actions, and even some animal sounds! I'm beyond excited! I want this for every student! Our district needs this! Our kids need this! Thank you for this program! Thank you!"

Jaymie Cutting - Speech Pathologist

Last night I learned about Gemiini, this morning I joined the program, tonight my 4 year old was trying to say words while watching. The interaction he had with the Sessions was phenomenal. My wife and I can't believe it! The very first try at it and we see THE LIGHT THAT HE WILL FOR SURE SPEAK!! This is amazing. Thank you So Much...

Jeannot, Susan and our son Donavan

Jeannot Savoie - Parent

Children with Down syndrome can learn PHONICS with Gemiini.

“I am a mother of three kids and have a son who is 6 years old that has Down syndrome. We were so lucky to have met Laura and have been using Gemiini for approx. 2 months with our son. His reading and articulation have improved drastically in that short amount of time and we can't wait to see where he goes with this! I homeschool him and had been teaching him to read all year, but since using Gemiini his reading level has probably tripled. He was struggling to read two-vowel words at the end of the school year and now after these 2 months he is probably reading at a 1st grade level. What's so amazing is that we can understand what he's saying!! He was very hard to understand but with the articulation tools on Gemiini we are amazed with the results. The program is easy to use and it is very effective for kids with Down syndrome who are visual learners like our son. We couldn't be more pleased!”

Ingrid T- Parent

Rett Syndrome Success!

My daughter who has Rett Syndrome LOVES LOVES Gemiini!

Susan Morrison - Parent

Just wanted to share a story. My son with Down syndrome (4) has been trying to jump for a long time. We have tried everything! We have tried the trampoline, pool, peer modeling... We have been watching the 6.0 video this week. Yesterday, while outside, we were practicing following the directions like stop, run, sit down... I said jump. He jumped! I clapped and was very excited! He started clapping and he said, "I ump mama!" Whoopie!!!!!!! I at that point started crying!!!!! My two year old said "mommy he talking!!!!"

​Kelsey M. - Parent

"It's almost 11pm and my son is in his room with socks on his hands using them as puppets and reenacting the videos:

"What does a cat say?"
"What does a cow say?"
"What does a dog say?"
"Woof! Woof! Bark! Bark!"
He is 3 3/4 ASD and has come so far in his expressive speech since starting the videos six weeks ago. Just to see him engaging in this kind of play (even late at night) is a HUGE leap forward.
I can't wait to see what the next six weeks brings!"

​Sheena W.- Parent

So, this happened: Every night I put my son (12 years old, non verbal) to bed. And every night (since he's been around age 5 or so) I say, 'Bye, see you in the morning!'. Of course, he's never responded back, but he usually waves.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeel..........Tonight, I said my usual, 'By, see you in the morning!' and he SAID, "Bye, Mom." As you can imagine, I was like, 'What the WHAT?!' I was screaming and trying not to cry! I managed to say, 'Great talking, kiddo!' and closed the door. Wow, my heart is still racing a little. My husband heard him say it as well, so I know it wasn't just me. Eeeeeekkkk.......I'm doing the dance of joy!

Melissa L. - Parent


Craig (29, intellectual disability, ASD, among other things) answered a WHY question this morning!!!! Ever since age 4 or 5 he would burst into laughter and we never, ever knew what he was thinking. I would always ask what was funny or why he was laughing and the best he might say would be "silly." We've been walking the dogs/feeding the chickens each night and going over concepts from Gemiini during that time. Two nights ago the grass was wet and I asked "why?" and he responded with an answer that didn't make sense. So I said 'Look at the grass--it is WET. WHY is it wet?" and he said "Rain." (We had a storm earlier). I was thrilled! But it gets better! This morning he was eating breakfast and breaks into laughter. I asked what was funny--why are you laughing? He said "You don't put jelly on your hat!" First time in 29 years I now know what made him laugh out of the blue! Immediately texted his job coach in excitement to share the news. It gets even better! Yesterday at lunch he was eating PB and J and got some jelly on his hat that he had to wipe off. So---he was remembering that, laughing about yesterday's memory, and TOLD me!!!!!!! We've been watching the quick start "wh" questions for about 2 weeks now
Happiest mom today ever!

Beverly Frey - Parent

This is my 3 year old daughter with ASD and a speech delay, who gave me the best birthday present of my life today. She was running by laughing when I swooped down and grabbed her for a hug. She smiled, looked me right in the eyes and said, "I love you!" This is 100% due to GemIIni. She really likes the 'I love you' videos, always responds to them with an 'aaawwww!' Seriously, today is my bday and my sweet girl who struggles to connect and communicate told her mama that she loves her. Thank you GemIIni, more than I can ever express.

Rachel Kehaulani Lownds - Parent

Speech Pathologists: Gemiini and Washington State University Hospital's Summit Therapy Speech Services Partner Under a Federal Grant

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The first group clinical trial using Gemiini was with an IRB from Gonzaga University with 5 pre-k classrooms with 3 different teachers in Spokane and compared 3 different teaching styles to see which one was the most effective.

The method that won was to play Gemiini open in the classroom at the beginning of class and during center times and to have 3 separate group viewing sessions per day. One at circle time, one at snack and one Gemiini specific viewing time. These only need to be about 10 minutes each. The teacher acted out the session along with the video for at least 2 of the sessions.

By the end of the trial in this classroom, it was a big game as every item that would pop up on the screen, the teacher would run across the room and point it out. The kids would jump up and point to the item. Everyone was intensely engaged.This is a video of that particular class and we were able to capture the first time a little girl attempted communication. This little girl came into the class in the middle of the study and had no language at all. This is only her second day at school. You will see her do the sign for bear in the back.

Look at that join attention and peer engagement! We saw so many skills emerge in this class. All of the children in this video have either Autism or Down syndrome.

Gemiini in Preschool

My little guy is also 3 in July with apraxia. We are 5 mths in and we have words now. They are not always clear but they are consistent and used in context. He says mammy, daddy, grandma, bubbles, ball, bear, no and he will also now try to say words when requested by his therapist. She is ecstatic with his progress x forgot to add- he now babbles non stop and at Christmas was completely non- verbal

​Donna C.- Parent