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Craig (29, intellectual disability, ASD, among other things) answered a WHY question this morning!!!! Ever since age 4 or 5, he would burst into laughter and we never, ever knew what he was thinking. I would always ask what was funny or why he was laughing and the best he might say would be "silly." We've been walking the dogs/feeding the chickens each night and going over concepts from Gemiini during that time. Two nights ago the grass was wet and I asked "why?" and he responded with an answer that didn't make sense. So I said "Look at the grass--it is WET. WHY is it wet?" and he said "Rain." (We had a storm earlier). I was thrilled! But it gets better! This morning he was eating breakfast and breaks into laughter. I asked what was funny--why are you laughing? He said, "You don't put jelly on your hat!" First time in 29 years I now know what made him laugh out of the blue! Immediately texted his job coach in excitement to share the news. It gets even better! Yesterday at lunch he was eating PB and J and got some jelly on his hat that he had to wipe off. So---he was remembering that, laughing about yesterday's memory, and TOLD me!!!!!!! We've been watching the quick start "wh" questions for about 2 weeks now.

Happiest mom today ever!

Beverly F. (parent)

This is my 3-year-old daughter with ASD and a speech delay, who gave me the best birthday present of my life today. She was running by laughing when I swooped down and grabbed her for a hug. She smiled, looked me right in the eyes, and said, "I love you!" This is 100% due to GemIIni. She really likes the 'I love you' videos, always responds to them with an 'aaawwww!' Seriously, today is my bday and my sweet girl who struggles to connect and communicate told her mama that she loves her. Thank you GemIIni, more than I can ever express.

Rachel L. (parent)

Speech Pathologists: Gemiini and Washington State University Hospital's Summit Therapy Speech Services Partner Under a Federal Grant

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The first group clinical trial using Gemiini was with an IRB from Gonzaga University with 5 pre-k classrooms with 3 different teachers in Spokane and compared 3 different teaching styles to see which one was the most effective.

The method that won was to play Gemiini open in the classroom at the beginning of class and during center times and to have 3 separate group viewing sessions per day. One at circle time, one at snack and one Gemiini specific viewing time. These only need to be about 10 minutes each. The teacher acted out the session along with the video for at least 2 of the sessions.

By the end of the trial in this classroom, it was a big game as every item that would pop up on the screen, the teacher would run across the room and point it out. The kids would jump up and point to the item. Everyone was intensely engaged.This is a video of that particular class and we were able to capture the first time a little girl attempted communication. This little girl came into the class in the middle of the study and had no language at all. This is only her second day at school. You will see her do the sign for bear in the back.

Look at that join attention and peer engagement! We saw so many skills emerge in this class. All of the children in this video have either Autism or Down syndrome.

Gemiini in Preschool

My little guy is 3 in July with apraxia. We are 5 mths in and we have words now. They are not always clear, but they are consistent and used in context. He says "mammy, daddy, grandma, bubbles, ball, bear, no" and he will also now try to say words when requested by his therapist. She is ecstatic with his progress that I forgot to add that he now babbles non stop and at Christmas was completely non-verbal.

​Donna C. (parent)

My 2 year old has some language delay issues. He understands quite a lot but his articulation is kind of backwards sometimes. He is watching the GemIIni videos and his speech is so much clearer. He just turned 2 last month and he already knows his colors now from GemIIni.

Marie N. (parent)

He learned all 28 animal names in 3 days! He loves the videos and I think that he could learn as many as we show him.

Dr. M. Hanson (teacher)

I saw these kids in June at the end of school and they started using GemIIni over the summer. I can’t believe the improvement they made over summer! I have been working with some of them for 3 years and to see them talking now is incredible

Kerry R. (Teaching Assistant)

We have been watching the advanced vocabulary even though Justin is only in 5 th grade. He loves it! Today he actually used the word ‘obnoxiously’ in a sentence. We are having a blast with this.

Shelly T. (parent)

I have been working with these kinds of kids for 4 years, and when you see them struggling every day to make such small gains that it so wonderful and brings tears to your eyes to see them learn so fast with GemIIni.

E. Garindy (Teaching Assistant)

I like a team approach and that is always the most beneficial for the children. When you can have teachers, therapists and parents all working together using GemIIni we have seen the most progress. I also have varied abilities in my classroom. Some children are here only for articulation needs are others completely non-verbal. With GemIIni I can create a session to target all of my kids at the same time…it is so easy to use and works so well! Since we started using GemIIni in the class I can’t wait to get to school every day to see what amazing thing they are going to do next

Ellie T. (teacher)

Just wanted to thank you and your team for your enthusiasm and work with our team. I had an experience with one of my students that helped me see the power of Gemiini in a way I hadn’t experienced before. All I can say is “WOW”! With the right kiddo and the right coach helping navigate the system, the possibilities are quite exciting. This nonverbal little boy was repeating the entire sequence of the bubbles social script minus the words…most of the gestures were spot on. And it was the social scripts that piqued his interest, not the lessons about specific words/vocabulary. Quite fun to watch as a clinician! Stay tuned…this will be a fun ride for everyone I have a feeling.

Kelly Siebold (speech pathologist)

Two of my kiddos had been in the autism program here at school for 3 years and still didn’t have any imitation at all, not even sound imitation. We started GemIIni in September and in the first week I noticed their mouths start to move along with the videos. By December they were imitating all sounds and words with everyone. By February they were speaking in complete sentences. When you find something that works it is so thrilling!

Alison Clark (teacher)

My classes are getting into this Gemiini thing! The seventh grade class laughed at the spelling/vocabulary videos, and I thought they considered it dorky. Then they said, "Oh, no. We like this!" I was going to have them do the game in pairs, but they asked if they couldn't do it as a class on Tuesdays using the projector! That will work better than in groups. About a half hour after we'd finished, I heard one of them repeating "aquatic" to himself, slowly and carefully. His brain was repeating what he'd heard even many minutes afterwards... this should be helpful!”

Patricia H. (teacher)

Ethan has been doing absolutely wonderful with your program. It is like something is clicking in his mind to make all that has been absorbed just roll right out. The "I Love You's", the pointing and saying "I want that", and I ask, "And what is that?" and he will make an attempt to sound out the word. The best part, because the communication has increased gigantically; he is less aggressive with his behavior. ...This past week my husband and I have shed many tears of joy. You have saved my son and will always be very grateful!

Jessica P. (parent)

I would like to thank Dr. Wynne and the GemIIni team for bringing to us the best reading program we have invested in for our son. He has not only learned how to read, but his articulation has improved dramatically since viewing the GemIIni reading videos. He is excited to show us his reading skills, sounding out each word and pointing to the word as he reads. He also clearly articulates blends and other sounds he previously had difficulty articulating. The gains were literally immediate. Our son had a hard time saying words like "three" and went from saying "free" to "/th/.../rir/.../ee/" after approximately two, 15 minute sessions of viewing the GemIIni reading videos. Our son is not delayed in reading, we just wanted to help him learn phonics outside of school since he had some delays with his articulation. After looking at several other ways to teach phonics, and the amount of time and labor (to manage longer lessons and having to get our son to sit and look at a book that he was frustrated to read), we found GemIIni which was a teaching method we wanted to try. Our son has viewed GemIIni reading videos for 15 minutes per sitting approximately twice per week over the past six months. He surprises us everyday reading signs and brochures that he is interested in but far above his reading level, and he no longer has articulation challenges! Thank you again GemIIni Reading!!!

Karen F. (parent)

The Gemiini DVM program is amazing. My son watched it probably 15 times through the animals session and he was pronouncing the words clearer and was saying the sounds that they make and doing the actions (he has never done either of those before). Thanks for creating an amazing program, and I can't wait to see what the following weeks have in store for us.

Julie F. (parent)

Hi, we have been using the program and have found a remarkable improvement....he clearly said lizard within minutes of watching the program and yet could not do so after 4 years of speech therapy.

Nicola P. (parent)

The animals really got his attention and we could see he was trying to make the right sounds. Which was great to see and hear since all he voices is screams and humming most of time. It takes a lot to keep his attention at times when doing therapies. Yet these learning videos grabbed him right off the bat.

Greta P. (parent)

Kayt loves the movies!!! I am going to forward this to her developmental therapist. She is in the living room right now saying, “No screaming”. Laura this is awesome!

Michelle M. (parent)

I cannot even express how grateful I am for your kindness. Gabe truly loves them. I am so, so very happy that I can give the site to his teacher and he can integrate them into his class. Today was such an emotional and hard day dropping him off, you have brought a ray of light to it, and indeed, to Gabe's life. Gabe watches the videos every day before school, sometimes at school with his speech therapist. I believe they've really helped to center him because he is doing well in school and it has taken much less time than I anticipated for him to make such a drastic change in his routine. Gabe is vocalizing more, though he is not saying full words yet. Thank you a million times over. To have it is a Godsend, and so are you. Thank you. Thank you.

Corinne (parent)

Hello Everybody- I just wanted to post something very interesting with one of my patients who is using GemIIni. This a boy with autism, 11 years-old, who has had no functional language (mostly some babble, and some approximations for "Ma Ma" with the /m/ sound). I was doing an in home observation today. He was watching GemIIni and he saw the word "milk" on the screen. He turned to me while watching the video and smiled, saying "mmm..iii...llk!" and stood up, walked to the refrigerator, opened the door and took out the milk carton. He looked at me again and said "milk" and I got him a glass of milk, poured one for the both of us, and we sat there with huge smiles talking about the milk we were drinking. This was probably the quickest generalization of a GemIIni video I've ever seen. Awesome.

Dr. Maria Gilmour (Behavior Specialist, BCBA-D)

I am in shock. Please know I am just a parent of a very special little boy who has spent the last three and a half years in therapy. GemIIni works and it works fast. We pulled in the driveway after school like we do everyday and I always say we are home. My son smiled today and said "home" for the first time. I said, "home yes," and he said "yes." I didn't expect much but thought I would give gemiini a try. We are thrilled.

Cynthia D. (parent)

August 20th

"I'd just like to add that I signed up yesterday and sat with my son for an hour he is nearly 3 and he tried to say cat (at) and fish (sh) and made a moo sound. None of these he has made before, currently he only has 3 words which he can't enunciate well."

August 21st

"I'm putting them on at every meal or snack time he said apple this morning. I feel like turning cartwheels!!!! 24 hours in and he has said a full word, a sound, and attempted many more. Even him copying the most pronounced sound like the d in bread is amazing!!"

Samantha W. (parent)

We started using it for our daughter with Down Syndrome she is doing great! We love the reading program.

Katie M. (parent)