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My son's language is disorganised and had been stuck for almost a year. We've only been doing this for a couple of weeks and finally he's using the correct pronouns! His sentences are also getting longer and more complex. Very exciting and I can't wait to see how his language develops this year. He also loves the kids in the videos x.

Kate S. (parent)

We are now into our 2nd week of using GemIIni. We have moved on from the animals as she had said many of their names + sounds and it felt like she needed a change. She has been learning about the names of the parts of the body in amongst some other things like learning to take instructions, 'sit down' 'stand' 'run'...The parts of the body videos have been great to work alongside her, as I point at the screen and say the word and then point to her nose, her chin and she giggles and she even said 'cheek', she has started to point out things too which is lovely. The words are definitely coming more easily since we have been using Gemiini but there have been other changes in Iris's behaviour, she is more interested in looking at me when I talk to her and she smiles more at me looking at my eyes and mouth which is something she generally avoids. Over the past year her eye contact has been improving but there has been a definite leap forward in that area this week. She is also starting to link a few of the words she knows together saying what she wants so a massive improvement there. Gemiini seems to not only help with the language that she is learning in the videos but gives her a boost to say the other words she has been storing away in her head over the past years.

Arabella -(parent)

I got this for my almost 3 year old son who is completely non verbal. It's truly amazing. He watches the videos and has started to try and talk. The price is on a sliding scale so you can ask for a lower price if you can't afford it, they will not turn any child away that needs help. They charge your credit card every month. You can watch the videos as many times as you like and there is a ton of them. You can also watch on any device. You just sign into your account and your ready to go. It is really worth it in my eyes. It's amazing to see my boy mouthing words and trying to mimic the videos. He would never give me that much attention. He even looks at books now something he wouldn't do before we got Gemiini, I could go on and on!!!!

Tara H. (parent)

We just started Gemiini yesterday and I too see an increase in genuine eye contact and mouth watching. He smiles easily and seems to want more interaction. It is interesting. I am still amazed that he watches so intently, even at the faces. It's so unlike him to look at faces like that. I am so pleased with the small steps of progress I've seen in just 4 session.

Erika C. (parent)

My son watched some yesterday and some this morning. I didn't get much out of him.. or so I thought! His dad and I both heard him say 'kiddy, kiddy, caaaaat, tiger' well after watching it. Not sure if it was our imagination.. he says a lot of things that sort of sound like words but aren't.

His babysister (5 months old) got mad when we turned the videos off, she'd been peeking at them the whole time! And 6 year old brother was watching along yesterday and was reading the words.. so he's getting something out of it too. And he likes going 'rawr'.

It really seems to appeal to all of them.

Sietske VS. (parent)

She has made huge improvements since we started back in August. The NHS speech therapist have said they no longer need to visit her at school as her speech has developed so much and (the therapist) called me yesterday to say she was impressed with her speech after not seeing her for the past three weeks

Anonymous (parent)

My son is 5 and non-verbal. We are only in the second week, no words but my son loves watching the bear and has started to make the bear noise!! Just that little noise is amazing! I know it's all going to take time but I can really see how this works with our kiddies! xx

Sheryl B. (parent)

Hi Gemiini,

Well.... I don't know what to say!!

We have only done about 10 sessions and already Freddie is making better eye contact AND saying new words AND putting more and more words together!! I am astonished!!!!!!

Vicky C. (parent)

My wee one isn't talking yet but is much more switched on and has started with some animal noises that's about 8 weeks in. Which is mega for us. But seems small for others. I'm in this for the journey and baby steps forward is better than what we have been getting with regular therapies on NHS. This is brilliant I have been raving about it to everyone and trying to show them it could help so many more!!! Shown it to our Health Visitor yesterday and she was quite taken aback with the program and the progress my wee one has made. She even said he looks different and acts different. This program truly has given my family hope back, we were in a very scary place of not knowing how to help and reach my precious baby with no real options or support from so called professionals it was all very reactive where as we feel this is very proactive in helping. Also want to say my youngest watches the videos with his big brother and has said apple today. He is 11 months NT so I think it's helping him too!!!! Sorry I'm just so emotional about this whole program. So thankful we found it !!!

Sammie S. (parent)

We have been watching the Gemiini videos for about two months now. We watch at least three times per day. My son was completely nonverbal when we started. I have school and in home aba on board so he watches once at school once during in home aba and once with mommy. He is imitating the lizard, the bear, tiger and lion sounds. He can say fish, sheep, bear, arm, hi, bye and so many other words that are not even on the videos. It seems like there is a new word every day. Yesterday he said book and poptart, every teacher and therapist we see has commented on Leo's amazing progress. Thank you Gemiini.

Cynthia D. (parent)

Initially, our speech therapist was not on board with this program, until she heard Jacob say 'bear' a word he wouldn't say despite months of her trying. The speech therapist watched a few sessions to see what it was all about, she agreed it could work for us but had concerns on the pronouncing of the words as we are Australian. Imagine her surprise when Jacob doesn't pronounce the words as they on the program.......yesterday she encouraged me to buy a cable to use the program on the TV from our iPad! Not only has she admitted Gemiini is a program for us, but suggests using it on the TV for better display.

Cia M. (parent)

I seem to be holding my breath- because I am seeing so much more interaction, explaining of emotions, confidence in talking and answering questions and in general just more communication and language. From that one little video "explain" (why her tongue is blue)- my daughter is explaining things more to me and not hesitant. Before, it was always "I don't know" if I asked her.

From the video "Lucy, why are you mad? Why are you mad? Because they have bubbles and I don't!" - is coming explanations of why she is worried and mad about things. Today, she told me that she was worried about missing out of a class with her friends because of having to work in the cafeteria for the 5th graders!!! Oh my- I have a continual smile on my face because of all that is blooming. She is also- very intent on pronouncing new vocabulary correcting. She looks at my mouth and repeats the vocab word over and over with very good artic. Loving it !!!:-)

Lida S. (parent)

From Sydney, Australia: 

We've been using Gemiini for 6 weeks. My son is 8 with autism- completely nonverbal- but slowly making some gains like more eye contact, watching our mouths when talking, & trying some new sounds. I know it's a longer haul for us but he has made more gains with this program in a such a short period than years of other therapies. Highly recommended this program.

Janette P. (parent)

I have been using it for my 3 year old son for the past 5 weeks. He was pretty much non-verbal and has responded extremely well to the program. He is speaking full sentences, pointing to animals and different objects we see out and about and is trying super hard to communicate with us verbally all the time.

Kylie J. (parent)

Ok so we started 3.2 today and E.. fussed and put her arm up and carried on - I had to go feed the puppy and as soon as I walked away she stopped fussing - I was in the other room listening next thing she is saying COW clear as a bell, woof woof woof, dog, rrrr (cheetah) prior to GEMIINI if u showed E.. a cow she would sign and "mmmm" for moo she has NEVER attempted to say "cow" and it was so clear. When I came back into the room she pointed to the cow and said "cow" and as I'm typing this she said "bird" clearly. Oh My Gosh..Loving GEMIINI.

Hayley M. (parent)

Gemini must trigger something in their brain that nothing else has thus far done. Less than one week and we are amazed!!! I was the biggest skeptic. My nearly 6 yr old child has Ds and Apraxia. She is speaking unprompted words and phrases. Prior to this it was a rare unprompted word and basically never an unprompted phrase. Almost seems to good to be true, but we are hooked. I do watch the videos with her most of the time and then also incorporate the lessons into our play and life.

Linda M. (parent)

HE SAID BIRD!!! And what sorta sounded like cat, but definitely BIRD! Second time watching the video for my non verbal, almost 3 year old and when it was covering bird he turned and looked at me and said bird a couple times. I almost died!!! He's been trying sounds for a long time but nothing that ever makes any real sense. I'm so excited!

Erica W. (parent)

Just another rave about this program as well as some details on how we are using it in case that is helpful to new parents. So before Gemiini, my son (who just turned 4) could not say the word "4" and could not count in order. After a week of watching Gemiini he started counting to 12 perfectly with a lot of "teen" approximations for the teens! Something has just lit up inside him. He was always a quiet child, timid with trying words as he knew they did not come out right. Now he is shining, naming everything he can, cheerfully trying new words, repeating everything he can, asking questions, pointing and naming, telling me things! The joy he has in this new-found skill that he now feels he can master is so beautiful to watch. Now my heart has lit up too! I feel I am getting to know him better as finally we can have basic conversations, he will try to tell me things, ask questions, make that connection with me. I am so happy, thank you Laura Kasbar and Gemiini team, giving my son the gift of speech is making him shine! Everyone is noticing, a ST who tested him just two months before was amazed (and that was after one month of watching), his grandmothers were stunned and friends notice.

At first I just watched whatever jumped out at me. Now I am going through the QuickStart Curriculum. I took the first animal video and then added in some custom session things and some higher interest things for my son. Total video will be about 10-15 mins. Then mid week I will jumble the order around a bit. My kids don't love Gemiini, but will watch if it changes weekly and changes a little bit during the week. My kids refuse to watch it more than once in a sitting so we are only watching a video once through, and are only watching once or twice a day. We have never formally tested, but both kids will start repeating what they are seeing so I am calling it good. So we are not doing it to the recommended formula but I am saying this here to show that Gemiini still works even if you are worried that you are not using it right. Watch your children and figure out what works for them and trust your instincts. It is a fantastic tool. Thank you so much Gemiini team!

Melissa M. (parent)

My son loves Gemiini. Yesterday we did lots of stuff on the website. Videos, sequential processing, associative memory game and at the end I set up few tests. We have been doing Gemiini for 3+ months and my son is 5 almost 6 with ASD dx. Had lots of words in his head but couldn't quite get them out. His expressive language was pretty poor. Gemiini seems to be unlocking things in his head I had no idea existed. He is now reacting so much faster when asked a question, echolalia has improved dramatically, in the beginning he really couldn't do an expressive test and yesterday he aced it. He is asking questions about things and never thought he cared about. Like "what are you eating mom?" Or when I asked him what he did at school he said "I did independent reading!" I feel very encouraged!!!

Natalia G. (parent)

C... (7 years old with Down syndrome) just read me the printed version of QuickStart book 1 in its entirety without picture cues (no pictures, just text on the page). I am over the moon! She is a very reluctant reader, and she viewed the book well under the recommended number of viewing times because I was still trying to figure out what would hold her interest when I customized it, and it was starting to really tick her off. We switched to book 2 a week or so ago, and until tonight, she refused to attempt to read book 1. Normally, children with Down syndrome are visual learners, and they learn to read easily, but C...... has some oculomotor issues that make it extra challenging. I'm so grateful for the large print books at Gemiini! We may finally be getting somewhere!!!

Erin R. (parent)

Severe apraxia? No problem! We've got "Daddy"! My son is 3 years old with ASD and severe apraxia. We are only 1 month into using GemIIni and we can see improvements each day with him. He clearly said Daddy for the first time last week....it made me cry! Although he has not said it again I can see there is hope He is making new sounds each day and is more engaged when we talk to him now. You can actually see him watching our mouths when we talk to him! My son has been in speech therapy since he was 18 months old with no real success. He really enjoys watching the Gemiini videos and is now making hand gestures for the different animals when the person asks "what sound does an animal make. It is only small steps but it is only early days for us.

Nicole S. (parent)

After 6 months. Success for a non-verbal 13-year-old!

Laura Kasbar ⎯ I just wanted to let you know my son for the first time pointed to his body parts! I am thrilled he is 13 and this is the first time he's ever done this. He seems to be processing things faster thank you for your encouragement for me to stick with the program just when I want to give up he shows me that he is learning things. He has been watching on and off (due to health issues) for around 6 months. He never seemed like he was getting much out of the videos and then all of a sudden he began to show me that he knew his body parts when I asked him to point to them he is also been moving his mouth some while watching other videos on TV. . Like you explained "All of a Sudden" it just clicked!

T. Roller (parent)

This totally works! My kids are doing GemIIni with rockstar results. Our intermittent speech therapist was stunned after 1 month! The grandmothers nearly fell over when they saw him again on Skype. I am delighted. My little boy has now started to actually converse with me!

Melissa M. (parent)

Six months progress report for Gemiini with DS

My son just turned 7. We've been on the videos for 6 months. I use a lot of the Encouraging Conversation videos and I noticed he drops less words now. Also there is an articulation section and the closeups of the mouth saying the words and dragging out the sounds have helped with some words he could never say clearly previously, esp some sounds and 3 syllable words. He is also asking more questions and more variety in his sentences.

We didn't see much results with some Quick Starts like animal sounds, transport or lists of items like food, etc., but he did love watching them, so we allowed it to keep his interest. We saw more impact on his spontaneous spoken language when we moved on to social skills, encouraging conversation, wh questions, school routine, fading the prompt, action words, prepositions, and pronouns videos. Editing was quite easy but it took us a while to start doing it as our schedule was so crazy.

Michelle F. (parent)

Can I just report what we have experienced so far with this program. My daughter has Down syndrome, autism, and is non-verbal. Her receptive language is fine but her expressive language is non-existent. She used to sign and speak several words when she was little but lost all expressive language at the age of 3- 4. She is 9 now.

I had little faith in the Gemiini program as we have tried everything to help her to speak or even sign. We decided to give the program 6 months. We started Jan 14, 2015 with quick start 3 times/day with meals. Some days we only got to two sessions, and the weekends were hit-and-miss. Then February sickness hit and we were unable to do any kind of therapy or schooling for the entire month.

We started up the Gemiini program again in March 2015 (three days ago) so that makes a total of two and a half weeks we have been applying the program. Today my darling daughter STARTED EXPRESSING WORDS AND SOUNDS. This is what she said: apple, ball, fish, go, green means go, guh (sound of letter g), D (name of letter), duh (sound of letter), and she is expressing sound effects along with the apps she plays with on the iPad. Granted, the words are garbled and hard to understand, but the important thing is she is expressing language. It's a giant start for all of us. I want to cry happy tears. We now see a brighter future for all of us! Thank you!

Nikki S. (parent)

A total bragging moment. Ryan today is blowing his speech therapist out of the water and she has not seen him in 2 weeks. She asked him how he was he said "fine, how are you?" We have been wanting this back and forth conversation forever!!! He did it!!!!

​Amy T. (parent)

I just bought Gemiini for a client. I am an SLP and I must say, I've only used it for 2 sessions, and I am quite intrigued by the responses I got from my client!! I'm very excited about this!!! Thank you Jaymie Cutting for forwarding this product to me and for writing a testimonial that seems to capture exactly what this powerful tool can do for some of our clients!

Cyndi L. (speech pathologist)

We started in September when my son mainly spoke in 2 word sentences ("want drink"). Anything longer than that, the structure of his sentences made no sense at all (autism and pragmatic language disorder). His receptive language was also really poor and most of the time he'd just say yes to everything I said because he didn't know any other way to respond.

All this has changed with Gemiini, and last week my son who used to act like other kids didn't exist stood up in front of his class for show and tell and asked and answered everybody's questions for ten minutes with no support. I'm sharing this all over the place because I think everyone who has a disability or condition which effects speech development should try this.

Kate S. (parent)

Olivia responded in the first week. I will never forget, early on, when she was in the back seat of the car saying "dog, dance, deep, etc." from the D-word video I made. She was getting therapy in the car! I was over the moon!

Christine H. (parent)