“I am a mother of three kids and have a son who is 6 years old that has Down syndrome. We were so lucky to have met Laura and have been using Gemiini for approx. 2 months with our son. His reading and articulation have improved drastically in that short amount of time and we can't wait to see where he goes with this! I homeschool him and had been teaching him to read all year, but since using Gemiini his reading level has probably tripled. He was struggling to read two-vowel words at the end of the school year and now after these 2 months he is probably reading at a 1st grade level. What's so amazing is that we can understand what he's saying!! He was very hard to understand but with the articulation tools on Gemiini we are amazed with the results. The program is easy to use and it is very effective for kids with Down syndrome who are visual learners like our son. We couldn't be more pleased!”

— Ingrid T. (parent)

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