Core Word Corner: Open

Core Word Corner: Open

The Core Word Corner can be used with both verbal speech and AAC devices. Use the Core Word Corner to find high-use vocabulary words that you can target both in and out of your Gemiini sessions!   

This month we are highlighting the word “open.” You can find the word “open” in Level Four of the Language Pyramid. You can also create your own video using our video library and searching for the word “open.” 

How to find "open" videos in Gemiini

Click on My Videos;

then Build New Video - Complete Video Access;

and Type "open" into the search box.

Words hold power

“Open” is another word that allows someone to direct someone or comment about something! Being able to tell someone to do something can be empowering and builds confidence. Start by simply modeling the word “open” when opening different things (door, box, bag, refrigerator, etc.). The word “open” can be used in different ways. Here are some examples:

  • “Open” to open a door, car door, or refrigerator
  • “Open” to get someone to help open a toy, bag, box, or container
  • “Open” to open a book
  • “Open” when opening a food item or snack

Remember, one of the best times for language learning, especially new vocabulary words, is when an individual is having fun! In addition to watching Gemiini videos, it is important to model the word in daily activities. First, just model and sign the word. You can also model the word on a communication device if your learner uses one. You can start by modeling “open” during fun activities like playing with toys. You can put a toy in something (like a container) and model “open” to get the toy out. Using a dollhouse or barn with a door can be fun! Say “open” when opening a door on a toy and put something in. Keep repeating and putting items “in” after saying “open.” Model the word “open” when opening up a favorite snack.

Learning language in the natural environment is another great time to work on new vocabulary words. When getting ready to leave the house or going into the house or another place with a door, pause at the door and say and sign (if appropriate) the word “open.” Then, open the door. This can also be done when opening the refrigerator. Think about how many times per day something needs to be opened! A person might open doors, containers, the refrigerator, etc. 50-100 times in a day. The more you model, the more your learner will be exposed to how they can use the word on their own!