Core Word Corner: Move

Core Word Corner: Move

The Core Word Corner can be used with both verbal speech and AAC devices. Use the Core Word Corner to find high-use vocabulary words that you can target both in and out of your Gemiini sessions!  

This month we are highlighting the word “move.” You can find the word “move” in Level Six of the Language Pyramid. You can also create your own video using our video library and searching for the word “move.”

How to find "move" videos in Gemiini

Click on My Videos;

then Build New Video - Complete Video Access;

and Type "Move" into the search box.

Words hold power

“Move” is an incredibly powerful word because it allows a person to direct someone. Start by simply modeling the word “move” to direct someone to change positions. The word “move” can be used in different contexts. Here are some examples:

  • “Move” to get someone to “move” their body or even “move” as in dancing
  • “Move over”   
  • “Move away”   
  • “Move closer”   
  • “Don’t move that”   
  • “Your move”  or “My move” when playing a game

Remember, one of the best times for language learning, especially new vocabulary words, is when an individual is having fun! Being able to tell someone what to do can be turned into a game. You can practice the word “move” by telling someone to “move” different places or to “move” different body parts or items (i.e., “move the spoon”).

The word “move” is also commonly used to describe moving objects. You can create opportunities to use the word “move” by placing items in the way of desired objects. This gives the opportunity for your child to tell you to “move” the item.