Core Word Corner: Push

Core Word Corner: Push

This month we are highlighting the word “push!” You can find the word “push” in Level Four of the Language Pyramid. You can also create your own video using our video library and search for the word “push”. 

How to find "push" videos in Gemiini

Click on My Videos;

then Build New Video - Complete Video Access;

and Type "Push" into the search box.

Think about all of the things that you can “push”

  • “push” someone on a swing
  • “push” a button  
  • “push” to open a door  
  • “push” toy cars 
  • “push” off of something  
  • “push” playdough  
  • “push” a cart or a toy

“Push” is a common word used in movement activities. The best language learning opportunities occur during fun and motivation activities. You can practice using the word “push” on the playground by teaching your child to say “push” or “push me” on the swing. The word “push” can be used to give a “push” on a bike, scooter, wagon, or any other ride-on toy. Your child may also enjoy “pushing” a toy wagon, wheelbarrow, or lawnmower.

Within the school setting, there are many opportunities to “push” toys that have buttons. Teach the word “push” and even incorporate academic vocabulary by working on multiwords like, “push blue” or “push the square.” Another wonderful time to work on “push” is while playing with toy cars. For example, “push” a car,  “push up,” “push off,” or “push over”.

“Push” is a powerful word when giving directions to others. Your user can direct someone to “push” a button to turn on a TV or music or  “push” icons on the iPad to access preferred games. Your child may also direct someone to “push play” or “push stop”.