Content Update: January 2022

Content Update: January 2022

As always, the Content and Flim Production Departments at Gemiini are always creating and uploading new content for your learner. This month, we have two new projects that we are sure your learner will enjoy! 

Fills In The Sound Of An Animal or Object 

In Fills In The Sound of An Animal or Object, the adult starts a sentence asking what sound something makes and the learner completes it by making that sound. For example, “A cat says.....” and the learner responds with “Meow, meow.” These videos model a fun way to engage your learner, while also testing their knowledge of what sounds animals or objects make. 

You can find these clips in Early Communication Skills > Intraverbal > Fill Ins.

Past, Present, and Future Tense Verbs 

Past, Present, and Future Tense Verbs videos help teach your learner the proper tense of verbs to use when speaking. For example, one actor describes what the other is doing in Point, Pointing, Pointed. “She is going to point....she is pointing....she pointed.”  

These great modeling clips will help your learner communicate accurately when describing actions.  

You’ll find these videos in Spoken Language > Actions Words (Verbs) > Past, Present, Future Tense (With Pronouns) 

NOTE: To see the newest content in the Video Builder, use the “date created - newest” filter when searching.

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