"One night feeling desperate and defeated I looked up at the stars and asked my Dad to please help me get through to my 2 beautiful babies who can’t speak to me. Both with autism and 1 with severe apraxia. They were 3 at the time. As I was scrolling through Facebook I suddenly stopped when I saw the word Gemiini knowing it’s twins and knowing my father was a Gemini. I saw Laura Kasbar speaking of her twins and how it changed her life and I knew this was my sign from my Dad above to try it. Well the first time I put it on Mia my daughter started saying “Bear” then she went onto “Cassowary” and after that she repeated everything including the whole skit from “What does a bear say” etc... my son Leonardo took longer but he is 5 now and asks us “What does a lion say” etc...! We haven’t stopped exploring with Gemiini and we won’t stop. It’s been a daily tool in our lives and we are so grateful for it. The first picture is the twins watching Gemiini together."

— Kimberly F. (parent)

Picture collage of Mia and Leonardo Credit: Kimberly F.

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