"We were told he would never talk. We used Gemiini with Alex for 1.5 years and it really worked for us. Alex started to speak after 4 months of using Gemiini and he showed a massive improvement in eye contact and receptive language from week one. Alex is no longer classed as nonverbal and 90% of that I would say is due to us introducing Gemiini at a young age. Definitely worth it.

"We are in the UK and stumbled across Gemiini in a desperate attempt to help our little boy. As I said, it worked wonders. My little boy also has Apraxia - hence why the speech did take a bit longer. In a classroom of his peers, the professionals now have great difficulty even pointing him out as many of his ASD symptoms, (traits, etc.) have reduced dramatically. Thank you for such a fantastic resource."

— Donna C. (parent)

Picture of Alex Credit: Donna C.

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