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Using Videotape Modeling to Facilitate Generalized Purchasing Skills



“Six students with moderate and severe disabilities were taught generalized purchasing skills through the use of videotape modeling in one, two, or three stores and in vivo instruction within one store. Training was conducted within three orders of treatments: (a) in vivo instruction followed by videotape training, (b) videotape training followed by in vivo instruction, and (c) concurrent videotape and in vivo instruction. Generalization probes were conducted in stores that were the same as those modeled on videotape, untrained stores that were infrequently probed (and never modeled on tape or taught directly), and novel stores that were probed only once after training. Results indicated the production of generalized purchasing skills by the students who received concurrent training and by the students who received sequential training. Videotape and in vivo training in isolation did not lead to generalized shopping skills. The results are discussed in terms of investigating the possible role of verbalization during videotape training on generalized responding and the effects of multiple probe interventions on inadvertent learning of critical skills.”



Many classroom programs have a low staff-to-student ratio and have limited access to community environments. Training in multiple community environments is clearly a costly undertaking in terms of travel time, travel cost and opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is the non-acquisition of other worthwhile skills due to the time and resources being used inefficiently to obtain an objective.

Conducting training with videotapes is one more means of producing a highly realistic simulation. Videotapes can more closely replicate the conditions found within the criterion environment. Persons represented on videotape can model behaviors that individuals will need to perform competently in the natural environment. Videotape modeling has been shown to be an effective tool in promoting the acquisition and generalization of skills…