Weekly Content Update | Carrier Phrases and Phrases of Pardon

Weekly Content Update | Carrier Phrases and Phrases of Pardon


My name is Johnathan. I'm one of the script writers at Gemiini. I'm passionate about education and about using technology to bring learning opportunities to everyone. I worked in special education before I joined the Gemiini team, and now I'm using what I learned from my students to help make clips for the Gemiini library!

This post is the first in a new blog series we created to share what's new with our users. We bring so many amazing clips to the site each week and I'm thrilled to have a place to talk about them! Each week I'll go over details of the newest clips, including where they can be found on the site and how you can use them in your custom videos.

This Week at Gemiini

Our carrier phrases library continues to grow! 

This week we uploaded a series of clips that model using the phrase "I made" to describe events during play. We also added simple conversational skits to teach "I have", "It is" and "I like". 

These carrier phrases are great way to begin expanding communication about surroundings, activities and preferences beyond a single word. All of our carrier phrases clips are located in Spoken Language → Conversational → Encouraging Conversations → Carrier Phrases.

We also uploaded a batch of skits to teach phrases like "Bless you", "Excuse me", "Pardon me", and "I'm sorry". Each phrase is generalized across an array of settings and social contexts. These clips are located in Spoken Language → Conversational → Manners & Greetings.

A new batch of intraverbal skits has been added to Verbal Behavior → Intraverbal → Fill ins. These clips provide verbal cues in the context of play to prompt a child to fill in the last word of a phrase. This can be a great way to begin teaching intraverbal behavior, and the curriculum from these clips is easy to apply during play sessions at home

In addition to these skits, image words for electronic devices and appliances have been added to Spoken Language → People, Places, Things → Home & Household → Electronics.

If you're having trouble finding these clips on the site, make sure to watch the video at the top of this post. If you'd like help incorporating these video clips into your child or student's current curriculum, schedule a call with a product specialist for a custom plan. If you have suggestions or a request for new content, email the details of your request to videos@gemiini.org.