Weekly Content Update | Fasteners, Insects & Writing Neatly

Weekly Content Update | Fasteners, Insects & Writing Neatly


Our production team has had a busy week, and I'm excited to talk about the "Writing Neatly" skits and image word generalizations we've added to the site.

This Week at Gemiini

We added a small batch of clips that model responding to prompts to write neatly during work time. In each clip, an adult prompts a student who is hastily working through an assignment to take her time and write legibly. The adult then provides an example of what writing neatly looks like and reinforces the student's behavior with lots of praise when the student follows her example.

These skits focus on following specific instructions and can be used in assignments for individuals who have some receptive language. With these additions, we hope to support parents and teachers who are coaching kids to complete tasks without rushing through them. In my experience, this can sometimes be more challenging than teaching the content of the assignments! You can find these clips in Skills → Behavioral.

We also uploaded two groups of new image word generalizations. The first group includes vocabulary for common fasteners in clothing and household items. These generalizations can be paired with our live-action fastening clips to reinforce skills related to dressing independently and interacting with common objects. The new fasteners vocabulary is located in Skills → Life Skills → Zippers, Fasteners, Knots.

The second new group of image word generalizations teaches dozens of new insects. From bumblebee to walkingstick, our insects category has hundreds of wonderful words. These clips are great for individuals who are learning to label things in their environment, or for anyone who loves to learn and talk about bugs! Including these high-interest words in assignments can help engage and motivate learners. All of our insects vocabulary is located in Spoken Language →  People, Places, Things →  Animals →  Insects.

Reach Out to Us

For a closer look at where to find the content described here, take a look at the video linked at the top of this post. If you'd like help incorporating these video clips into your child or student's curriculum, schedule a call with a product specialist for a custom plan. If you have a request for new content, share the details with us at videos@gemiini.org. We'd love to hear from you!