Weekly Content Update | Computer Skills & School Supplies

Weekly Content Update | Computer Skills & School Supplies

This Week at Gemiini

This week we've uploaded a new set of clips that model how to perform basic computer interactions with a keyboard and mouse. We've also added new image generalizations for words related to school subjects and school supplies.

Computer Skills

The tactile nature of touchscreen interfaces makes it easy for many kids to learn how to interact with devices like tablets and phones at a fairly young age. We use the same skills to make something happen on a touchscreen that we use to manipulate objects in the physical world.

It can take longer to become adept at computer interactions that require a keyboard and mouse. Keyboards, trackpads, and computer mice do not resemble anything from nature and we use them in a manner that is unique to the design of the hardware.

The Gemiini library includes several "how to" clips that model how to perform basic tasks using a keyboard and mouse. This category has grown this week with the addition of clips that break down actions like scrolling, double clicking, and right clicking into a series of close up live-action generalizations.

These clips are a great way to introduce your child to the terms he or she will need to understand to receive effective instruction in tasks that involve using a keyboard or mouse. Students who understand what it means to scroll or to double click will feel more confident and less frustrated during activities where they are required to perform these actions. Look for video modeling related to computer usage in Skills → Life Skills → Independent Living.

Image Words

Our new image words this week teach vocabulary related to school subjects and school supplies. These are located in Spoken Language → People, Places, Things → School → School Items.

For help using these or any of our clips in your student's assignments, schedule a call with one of our product specialists. If you're having technical trouble or need help getting started, check out the articles in our Knowledge Base. If you're looking for clips that don't exist on the site, please send a content request to videos@gemiini.org.