Weekly Content Update | Carrier Phrases: I Want, Time To & Time For

Weekly Content Update | Carrier Phrases: I Want, Time To & Time For

This Week at Gemiini

This week we've added clips to teach the carrier phrases "Time to," "Time for," and "I want." We've also added image word clips teaching vocabulary for computers and electronic devices.

Carrier Phrases

Our Carrier Phrases clips teach pragmatic phrases for students to use as a foundation when expanding communication. Memorizing carrier phrases can help eliminate some of the mental overhead involved in choosing the right words and can make it easier for individuals to understand and speak full sentences. We recommend teaching carrier phrases to students working in Level 5 or higher of the Language Pyramid.

I Want

Learning to preface one word requests with the phrase "I want" is a great way for individuals to begin communicating with full sentences. Our I Want carrier phrases teach a handful of common use cases for this phrase, and it's easy to generalize the language from these clips in your student's regular activities. Encourage students who are practicing carrier phrases to use full sentences whenever you can.

Time To & Time For

We use the carrier phrases Time To and Time For to prompt our learners to transition from one activity to another. Our clips pair each phrase with an array of common activities to teach the meaning of sentences like "Time for school," "Time for potty," "Time to eat," "Time to work," and "Time to play."  Teaching these phrases can ease the friction of switching activities for learners and for the adults in their lives.

All of Gemiini's carrier phrases are located in Spoken Language → Conversational → Encouraging Conversations → Carrier Phrases.

Image Words

In addition to carrier phrases, this week we've added new image words for vocabulary related to computers and electronic devices. These clips are located in Spoken Language → People, Places, Things → Home & Household → Electronics.

For help using this content or any clips from the Gemiini library in your student's assignments, schedule a call with one of our product specialists. If you're having technical trouble or need help getting started, check out the articles in our Knowledge Base. If you're looking for clips that don't exist on the site, please send a content request to videos@gemiini.org.