Video Resistance? Try High-Interest Videos!

Video Resistance? Try High-Interest Videos!

At Gemiini, we like to disguise the line between work and play – especially if your learner resists buckling down and working with the Language Pyramid Videos.

Overcoming Resistance

High-Interest videos are a great way to get learners who are resistant to viewing time interested in attending to video assignments. These videos interject fun musical segments into the Discrete Video Modeling clips and pronunciation to create positive associations with Gemiini viewing.

You can even add Gemiini to your Roku smart TV to connect the learning experience to watching TV entertainment.

Choosing High-Interest Content

Our High-Interest videos focus on different themes. Examples include:

  • In Colors, Little Luke plays with blocks and teaches the names of different colors.
  • Tea Party shows Wee Wendy hosting a celebration with her teddy bear to teach the names of utensils and party accessories.
  • In Going to the Zoo, learners accompany Little Luke on a trip to the petting zoo to learn animals’ names.
  • Here’s Little Luke making cookies:

To use Gemiini’s High-Interest videos, open the Video Library and select Language Pyramid Videos. Select High-Interest to preview, assign, or customize videos in this category. There are dozens of High-Interest videos to choose from. They are assigned and viewed in the same manner as regular Language Pyramid videos.

A Great Incentive for Getting Started

These videos excel at introducing students to Gemiini. Once your student gets accustomed to Gemiini viewing in their daily schedule, start phasing them out and begin assigning videos from the Language Pyramid Level that corresponds to their Gemiini assessment. This will accelerate learning and ensure your student is getting the most from each viewing session.

Taking Assessments

If you aren’t sure which level of the Language Pyramid is best for your student, or if you disagree with where your student was placed, you can retake the assessment from your Managing account's home page. If you have additional questions about using High-Interest videos or other videos from the Language Pyramid, please schedule a call with one of our Product Specialists.