Preemies at Risk into Adulthood

Preemies at Risk into Adulthood

May is National Speech and Hearing Month

Preemies are at an especially high risk for language delay. Research points to the fact that preemies do not develop the same level of sound awareness at 6 months old that full-term babies do.

The vast majority of these children do not have autism, and many appear to catch up to their peers by kindergarten. The reality is that they are actually “just getting by” in language and they quite often will fail in middle school.

This is because academics become more language-based, even math becomes more about reading than calculating with all of those word problems. These children are very bright, but they are made to feel “stupid” simply because their language delay went undetected. They often do not qualify for therapy by insurance, and most of the time teachers and parents aren’t even aware that there is a significant comprehension issue.

Imagine if you “sort of” learned French and could get by in day-to-day conversations. Your accent was perfect and everyone thought that you understood everything. But, when people started to use more complicated grammar constructions, or advanced vocabulary, you couldn’t follow the conversation. You just smiled and nodded like you knew what was going on, but in reality, you were completely lost. Everyone else around you seemed to know what was going on, so you just assumed that you were stupid. This is the place where many preemies find themselves and they are completely alone because no one else can tell.

This lack of language mastery leads not only to academic problems, but research has shown that it can even lead to social and emotional problems in adulthood.

Gemiini can change everything for these children. The program is delivered in such a way that learning is straightforward and easy. It can be done during car rides, during meals, or just playing in the background. As the child grows, our verb tenses, grammar, and even advanced vocabulary videos will ensure that the child grows linguistically right along with his full-term peers. At $98 per month for unlimited therapy, Gemiini is the most affordable therapy in the world. That being said, many people are having trouble making ends meet, so if you need financial assistance, please apply for a scholarship when you register. Over 60% of our members are on some sort of scholarship program.