Our Members Have Spoken: Introducing Gemiini 2022

Our Members Have Spoken: Introducing Gemiini 2022

This summer, Gemiini enlisted fourteen of our current and former members to share their experiences using Gemiini. We wanted to find out what works and what we could make better. We engaged a leading behavioral research firm to conduct the interviews.

THE FINDINGS: Gemiini today

Gemiini helps our kids – The good news: Our active respondents found the Gemiini video library to be helpful for their kids:

We started with the recommended twice a day. I was a little scared because he would not be responsive. He took it right away and loved the videos. He enjoys watching the level 1 videos.

– Lydia

Most compelling is the video themselves (they are basic, basic, basic) there are no frills. It’s good that they are basic.

– Jeremy

Excellent customer care – Nearly all respondents were impressed with the customer care they received from the Gemiini reps:

I did call the customer care rep. She was amazing. That was really great. She knew the terms and had a background with children with disabilities.

– Madhura

“I [communicated with a Gemiini Coach]. She was excellent. I was super impressed with the knowledge of how to help us specifically.

– Micah

Overwhelming Website – Here’s where we came up short: Most members found the sheer volume of content on the Website overwhelming:

I realized that for me, I underutilized the Website. There is so much information on the Website. If it were laid out in a different manner… I feel like there is a better way.

– Kylie

Looking through it, I didn’t really realize how much content was there. At first, you have no idea what you can do.

– Heather

Prefer a personalized approach – Many members want more hand-holding and personal consultation:

I feel like if Gemiini offered a monthly consultation to check on child and progress, that would be wonderful. I would pay for that.

– Kylie

When I go to a therapist – they know what my son needs. They do the figuring out for me and build the program.

– Madhura

THE RECOMMENDATIONS: Introducing Gemiini 2022

The research firm came up with eight key recommendations to make Gemiini easier to use and increase parents’ loyalty and satisfaction.

1. Create a Community of Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits and committed parents are essential connections to the program. Parents want an opportunity to share their journey with other parents who have traveled down the road with a Facebook-like community.

2. Track Positive Outcomes

Parents judge the success of the program on the progress they see in their children. We want to make it easier to track their child’s progress and share it with others.

3. Simple and Easy to Use

Many members are confused when they first enter the site. The vast amount of content makes it hard to know where to begin. The solution is to develop better user ergonomics and site design.

4. Customize Gemiini to User Needs

Consumers expect out-of-the-box solutions where they can click and see results. For this reason, members often fail to see the customization options that form the heart of Gemiini. We plan to guide parents in customizing the programs for their children.

5. Gemiini Coaches are GOLD!

Our Gemiini Coaches form the heart and soul of Gemiini, yet not every parent takes advantage of their support. We plan to incorporate our specialists into the implementation experience for every new member.

6. Value for the Price

Families expect to pay for child enrichment. Gemiini wants to put the program into the hands of more families by putting the parents’ needs first.

7. Tell the story of the Founders & Ambassadors

The core of the Gemiini program emerged from founder Laura Kasbar’s successes with her children. We want to give new parents a reason to believe by sharing her story more effectively.

8. Become Consultants

We understand our parents’ desire for a more personalized framework for their Gemiini experience. We are actively exploring this option while recognizing the boundaries between an educational program like Gemiini and a clinical relationship with a therapist.


Gemiini 2022 is a roadmap – You can’t start a journey without a map, and we are excited to have mapped out our destination. We will share more of our progress in the coming year to make Gemiini more user-friendly, responsive, and personalized.

We value all of our members' feedback. If you would like to share yours with us, please send an email to info@gemiini.org.

Thank you for your support and for being part of the Gemiini community.