Life Skills and Discrete Video Modeling

Life Skills and Discrete Video Modeling

Gemiini’s Learning Platform uses Discrete Video Modeling (DVM) to cut out distractions in both the learning environment and the video itself so the student can focus on one “learning bite” at a time. DVM breaks down concepts into understandable and digestible bits of knowledge, making it the optimum learning approach for people with special needs. 

Conventional video modeling assumes that the brain’s visual and auditory regions can distinguish one sound from another and connect them to the visuals. For example, if you watch a cooking channel that instructs you to separate an egg and whisk the whites, your brain parses the sequence of commands and connects each step to what you see on the screen.

This type of processing does not come naturally to everyone. The spoken instruction, “separate an egg,” and the visual of cracking an egg on the bowl don’t necessarily connect in everyone’s brain. Traditional training videos and most of YouTube use this conventional form of video modeling.

Gemiini’s Discrete Video Modeling (DVM) uses isolation (cutting out the background), repetition, and generalization (seeing the concept in action) to communicate directly to the learning part of the brain. Additionally, DVM takes larger concepts or skills and breaks them down into smaller steps. These smaller bits of information optimize the assimilation of skills for individuals.

The Gemiini Life Skills Library uses DVM to teach a broad range of Daily Living Skills. Life Skills videos promote independence, self-reliance, and general well-being. They model skills like potty training, telling someone when you’re hurt, crossing the street, making healthy snacks, helping with chores, and using common fasteners. We offer videos to foster skills at every stage of development.

Using skills to supplement language learning Videos from the QuickStart Skills Library complement our Language Pyramid curriculum. Gemiini members can assign skills videos according to their assessment of their student’s needs.

Just like with Gemiini’s Language Pyramid videos, Life Skills videos use the DVM approach to cut out distracting backgrounds to help the learner focus on the task at hand. Except for the bed, the girl, and the toys, most of the bedroom has been cut out:

Contact a Product Specialist – Feel free to preview any of the clips in our QuickStart Skills library before assigning them to your learner. If you need help choosing the best QuickStart Skills videos for your learner, please schedule a call with one of our Product Specialists.