Gemiini Proving Effective in Stroke Patients

Gemiini Proving Effective in Stroke Patients

Gemiini isn’t just for kids learning to speak. In addition to effectively treating children with ASD, Down syndrome, and apraxia/dyspraxia, we’re finding that it is also effective at treating adult stroke patients and helping them get their language back. 

Conventional wisdom says that not much can be done for patients after about six months post-stroke. Most insurance plans don’t cover speech therapy after 3 to 6 months. 

Gemiini, though, is showing to be effective years after a stroke. In fact, we are working with the University of Southern California and the University of California Los Angeles on stroke studies. The research is looking at how discrete video modeling can “rewire” the brain and rebuild neurological pathways. 

Some patients have had no language, receptive or expressive, but began to understand, and even speak in full sentences, after using Gemiini for a few weeks.

The case studies and early research are so promising that we don’t want to wait for the research to be complete before we start helping people. If someone in your family has had a stroke, Gemiini can help his or her brain rebuild pathways and regain lost speech. We don’t know exactly how just yet, but so far the results are almost miraculous. 

Gemiini is affordable enough to start immediately and there’s no downside to trying it.

Typically, people recovering from strokes need thousands and thousands of reps before they start to see improvement. There’s not enough time or money for a speech therapist to give that kind of therapy. Gemiini can do it all day long, at times that are convenient for the patient.

If you’re already working with a speech therapist, ask him or her to include Gemiini in treatment. The therapist can customize video sessions for home use, which is like adding rocket fuel to the recovery process. 

Please share this with anyone whom you think might benefit. 

We’ll post the research studies when they are completed.