Gemiini Promoting The Shift From Awareness To Acceptance
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Gemiini Promoting The Shift From Awareness To Acceptance

Gemiini joins the growing movement to integrate individuals with autism into our social fabric.

SPOKANE, Wash., April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Gemiini is celebrating Acceptance Month, a movement among advocacy organizations to increase understanding, acceptance, and support for people with autism.

The original 2008 United Nations mandate for a "World Autism Awareness Day" undergoing a cultural shift. As part of the growing recognition of the gifts and capacities that autistic individuals bring to our society, Gemiini has joined the movement to designate April as "Autistic Acceptance Month."

"Gemiini is committed to promoting acceptance of people with autism into our social fabric through personalized therapies that increase speech, language, reading, life skills, and social skills," said Bryan Davey, Chief Executive Officer for Gemiini. "With one out of 54 Americans – and one of 34 boys – diagnosed with autism, conventional therapy methods can't keep up with this explosion of demand. As a leader in online learning and telehealth therapy solutions, we are helping to increase that acceptance by increasing the reach of our therapeutic platform to the greater autism community."

Research shows early interventions for autism deliver long-term positive results for speech and other skills. Gemiini's evidence-based online therapy expands the population of autistic kids who can receive therapy anytime and anywhere to learn the skills needed for daily interaction.

"I was a mom with twins who were both diagnosed on the autism spectrum," said Laura Kasbar, the founder, and Chairman of the Board for Gemiini. "The twins were completely disengaged from family life. They lived in a parallel world that rarely intersected with ours.  I started to notice that during family movie time, the twins were much more present, and even showed signs of joint attention.

That's when I realized that discrete video modeling could engage the learning capacity of autistic children in a way that other forms of therapy could not. This therapy helped mainstream my kids and give them independent and fulfilling lives."

"In the spirit of this movement to fully integrate people with Autism Spectrum Disorders into the social fabric, Gemiini is using its therapeutic tools to help them grow into their capacity," said CEO Bryan Davey. "The unique gifts of our autism population are realized through their individualized learning styles."

Laura Kasbar added, "We are celebrating acceptance by bringing out the richly communicative and loving people who live inside each of these kids."<>


Gemiini is taking meaningful steps to impact lives with special needs; Gemiini uses evidence-based, on-demand therapy through video modeling to teach speech, language, reading, life skills, and social skills for people with autism, Down syndrome, and speech delay so they can live life understood.