Gemiini in Elle magazine with Iris Grace
Original article by Florence Besson on Elle Magazine

Gemiini in Elle magazine with Iris Grace

(Translated from French)

Photographer Arabella Carter-Johnson traveled the world with her husband, before returning to the English countryside to give birth to Iris. In a singular and moving testimony, she tells the story of her autistic little girl, 7 years old today, and her openness to others, thanks to a cat.

ELLE. Other parents use Disney cartoon. But, it seems, everyone must manage on their own?

Arabella Carter-Johnson . Yes, alas. It is through Facebook that we have been informed of the Gemini method which is remarkable. New techniques are beginning to work well, but who discloses them? Iris speaks, reads very well and, today, I can even live a little my life. Other parents could experience the same happiness.