Creating Customized Video Clips using Gemiini

Creating Customized Video Clips using Gemiini

Gemiini’s video library continues to grow and expand. However, personalized videos are often more effective in teaching specific skills. For example, watching a video of mom making a sandwich can be more engaging than watching a model or an actor performing the same task. 

Uploading personal clips is one of the most popular features of Gemiini. Our library is constantly improving, but personalized video clips offer powerful learning motivation for certain situations:

Names – Teach children to say their names and the names of family members.

Film a short clip of your child and articulate his or her name while filming. Do the same for mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, friends, teachers, or therapists.

Objects in your child’s environment

Some children are excited to talk about their personal belongings: the bed they sleep in, the shoes they wear, or the pet they love. Pair these videos with Gemiini language clips of the same word.

Foreign languages

If you speak a language in your household not represented in Gemiini, teach this language using personalized clips.

Preparing for new activities

When new experiences are approaching, personal clips can prepare your child for new activities and reduce anxiety. Before the first day of school, take a trip to the child’s classroom and record where the child will sit, the hook for his or her coat, the bathroom, playground, and cafeteria.

Motivate speech by making the child the “star.”

Many children enjoy seeing themselves on the screen and engage more in videos where they appear. Adding clips of your child playing or being silly is a great way to increase engagement and motivate speech.

A Guide to Uploading Clips

Gemiini allows users to upload custom video clips. Video can be uploaded to Gemiini using a phone, tablet, or computer. Gemiini recommends uploading clips entirely from your phone. To do this, follow the steps from our how-to video.


Have fun. Be creative!

These are just some of the ways you can integrate personal clips into Gemiini videos. Feel free to experiment. For more tips on getting the most out of your personalized clips or any other questions, schedule a free call with one of our Product Specialists.