Content Update | Sea Life, Food, & Prepositions

Content Update | Sea Life, Food, & Prepositions

This Week at Gemiini

This week's additions feature clips teaching word labels for sea life and different types of food. We've also uploaded new clips generalizing prepositions. Read on to learn more!

Sea Life & Food Vocabulary

Our sea life additions this week include image generalizations for shark, pufferfish, sea turtle, and whale. These clips are located in the full clip library under Spoken Language → People, Places, Things → Animals → Fish & Sea Life.

The new food image words bring an assortment of new vocabulary to our library, including nachos, hot chocolate, and muffins. Food image words are located in Spoken Language → People, Places, Things → Food.

As parents, teachers, and therapists of kids learning with Gemiini, we are always searching for ways to bring language off the screen and into everyday life. One way to accomplish this is to use engaging and motivating vocabulary in our students' assignments. Each child's assignments can be personalized to teach words they want to be able to say. Does your child have a favorite food? Try adding it as a vocabulary word to her assignment this week. Is your child fascinated by marine life? Capture his attention by teaching words like shark, octopus, and whale.


Our new prepositions clips use sentence examples to generalize the meaning of words like to, from, through, and against in a variety of contexts. Prepositions can be difficult to learn, even for more advanced speakers. We recommend using these clips with students who are working in Level 7 or higher of the Language Pyramid. These clips are located in Spoken Language → Location Words (Prepositions) → Preposition by Object.

Prepositions are a confusing part of speech for many Gemiini students. Because they describe abstract relationships, it can be difficult to explain what prepositions mean and when they should be used. If you are working in Level 7 of the Language Pyramid, pay attention to how your student is using prepositions. Give gentle corrective prompts when necessary. Be patient, and make a point of exaggerating your usage of prepositions to describe things in your environment. This kind of generalization can help your student pick up the language and differentiate new vocabulary words.

For information about teaching prepositions, personalizing assignments, or for any other questions you have about using Gemiini, schedule a free call with our Product Specialists. If you're having technical trouble or need help getting started, check out the articles in our Knowledge Base. If you're looking for clips that don't seem to exist on the site, send a content request to us at