Weekly Content Update | Punctuation Rules, Adjectives, and Same & Different

Weekly Content Update | Punctuation Rules, Adjectives, and Same & Different

Our film team has hit the new year running and we have lots of new clips on the site to show for it! This week I'm excited to share our clips teaching end-of-sentence punctuation rules, our new adjectives format, and a set of generalizations that teach the meaning of same and different.

Punctuation Rules

If you've seen the recently added Capitalization Rules clips, our new Punctuation Rules format should look familiar. These clips teach the guidelines for using different kinds of end-of-sentence punctuation and generalize usage by showing multiple examples for each type of punctuation.

Helping children identify and categorize different types of sentences helps them become better communicators. We recommend using these clips with fully conversational students who are working to strengthen early writing and reading comprehension skills. Punctuation Rules clips are located in Reading, Writing, & Academic → Grammar.


We've added a large batch of adjectives clips that pair image generalizations with conversational sentence examples to reinforce the meaning of each word. This combination helps illustrate the meaning of descriptive words and can improve expressive language by modeling usage.

These clips are appropriate for learners working in Level 7 or higher of the language pyramid with enough receptive language to engage with the conversational sentence examples. Adjectives clips can be found in Spoken Language → Descriptive Words (Adjectives and Adverbs) → Describing Objects.

Comparisons - Same and Different

Our new Same and Different clips use visual comparisons to generalize the meaning of the words same and different. Children who can compare things in terms of similarities and differences are able to practice critical thinking & reasoning skills like classifying and sorting objects.

In clips targeting same, comparisons are shown between two images that are exactly alike. In the different clips, the initial images match the images used in the same clips, but a different comparison image is shown. Playing these clips side-by-side in an video assignment makes the contrast apparent and can make the generalization more effective for your learner. Same and Different clips are located in Spoken Language → Descriptive Words (Adjectives and Adverbs) → Comparisons.

Image Word Additions

We're always adding image words to the clip library to give our members opportunities to generalize vocabulary in dozens of categories. Most of our image words are located in a subcategory of People, Places, Things under Spoken Language. Here's a quick overview of the subcategories that have grown over the past few weeks.

  • Vehicles & Roads | On Land

  • Outdoors | Landforms

  • Vehicles & Roads | On the Sea

  • Materials | Miscellaneous

  • Animals → Animal Supplies

For help using any of our clips in your student's assignments, schedule a call with one of our product specialists. If you're having technical trouble or need help getting started, check out the articles in our Knowledge Base. If you're looking for clips that don't exist on the site, please send a content request to videos@gemiini.org.