Content Update | Letter Pronunciation Songs, Learning to Measure, & More!

Content Update | Letter Pronunciation Songs, Learning to Measure, & More!

This Month at Gemiini

Last month, we improved Levels 1, 3, 4, and 5 of the Language Pyramid with new and updated QuickStart assignments. To keep our members up-to-speed with these changes, I earmarked the past few articles to blog about those updates. But while I've taken a break from writing about new content, our film team hasn't stopped producing it!

In this post, I'll make up for lost time by covering all of the content our editors added to the site while we were busy updating the Language Pyramid, including:

  • New clips teaching letter/sound correspondence through song

  • New content for students learning to measure with rulers

  • Peer interaction skits teaching the rules of simple games

  • Dozens of action word labels and new skits generalizing simple past, present, and future tenses for early verbs

There's something in this update for students working at almost every level of the Language Pyramid. Keep reading to learn more!

Letter Pronunciation Songs

Our Letter Pronunciation Songs use sing-along skits to generalize letter/sound correspondence and encourage early vocal imitation. Singing along and moving to the beat keeps children engaged and helps motivate them to imitate simple sounds.

These clips are great for students who are working on vocal imitation, articulation, or early reading skills. We filmed songs for every sound made by each letter in the alphabet, so letters with more than one sound (g, c, and the vowels) have more than one clip in the library. You can find all of these clips in Reading, Writing, & Academic → First School Years → Songs.

Learning to Measure

The new measuring clips use simple instructions and animation to teach the skill of measuring lines with a ruler. Students who watch these clips will learn to tell the difference between the inches side and the centimeters side of a ruler. They will learn how to position the ruler against the line they are measuring, and they will see how the lines on a ruler are used to calculate length.

Measuring clips are located in Reading, Writing, & Academic → First School Years → Numbers & Math → Geometry. If your child is learning to measure at home or in school, make sure to check them out!.

Games with Rules

Learning to play games with simple rules is a big milestone in developing play skills. Games with rules require children to understand the abstract objectives of a game, participate in interpersonal communication, take turns, follow instructions, and think critically. Teaching students to play simple games with rules is a great way to make progress in each of these areas while doing something interactive and fun!

You can find our new Games with Rules clips in Skills → Social Skills → Play Skills → Learning to Play. These clips teach the rules of simple games like Go Fish, Memory, and Freeze Dance, and they model continued peer interaction so students can observe what it looks like to follow the rules of each game.

Verbs, Verbs, Verbs!

Gemiini's library of clips teaching action word labels and simple verb tenses has continued to grow with the completion of two new Verbs projects. These projects bring simple generalizations for words like shut, sip, tap, and jump to the site, alongside skits teaching the past, present, and future tense forms for dozens of early verbs.

You may be familiar with the format of these clips if your student has been working in Level 4 or Level 6 of the Language Pyramid. Basic action word labels are located in Spoken Language → Action Words (Verbs) → ING Form W/Out Tense, and clips teaching past, present, and future tense are located in Spoken Language → Action Words (Verbs) → Past, Present, Future Tense (With Pronouns).

For tips on personalizing this content for your child, please schedule a free call with one of our product specialists. If you're having technical trouble or need help getting started, check out the articles in our Knowledge Base. If you're looking for clips that don't exist on the site, please send a content request to