Collaboration Time!

Collaboration Time!

At the end of August, Gemiini leaders met both virtually and in-person at Gemiini headquarters in Spokane, Washington to meet and discuss ways to improve Gemiini’s member platform and grow as a company. For many of the employees, myself included, this was the first opportunity for in-person collaboration since 2020. I remember the excitement and nervousness I felt that first day I arrived at Gemiini headquarters. This was my first time meeting the majority of my coworkers outside of my computer screen and my first company-wide meeting. After a quick tour of headquarters and excited greetings and introductions to coworkers,  I sat down at the conference table, opened my notebook, and prepared for the first of many meetings. I was not sure what to expect. In my experience, the majority of all staff meetings I had attended at other companies were often unproductive, filled with side conversations, and the same handful of people monopolized the meeting. During that first day, it was clear that Gemiini employees are passionate about the company and motivated to make improvements to support members. 

During those first few days, each department had the opportunity to share updates on current projects and answer questions from other departments. We also reviewed feedback given by Gemiini members, data collected from our past and current users, and the state of our current content. I was blown away by the professionalism, problem-solving, and collaboration that took place within these meetings. I was also impressed by Gemiini’s dedication to improving content based on the feedback from its members. 

During the second day of meetings, stacks of sticky notes were placed on the conference table in order for the team to write down ideas, comments, or questions regarding Gemiini’s current and future product.  I recall looking up from taking notes during a meeting and observing team members rapidly generating sticky notes full of different ideas and thoughts. Soon, sticky notes covered the walls of the conference room. Every employee in attendance, even those attending remotely, had several sticky notes hanging on the wall. Clinicians referenced current research, members of the production department educated everyone on filming techniques, the IT department discussed the ins and outs of bringing these ideas to life, and parents among the group referenced their experience with their own children. Every idea and passionate discussion started with the needs of the members. 

Brainstorming was not just happening within these meetings.  Conversations were happening during meal times and after work hours. New ideas were being written down on sticky notes continuously and then hung on the walls of the conference room the following day.

Following these brainstorming sessions, the team had the opportunity to elaborate on their ideas. Side conversations were limited and mostly non-existent. When an employee shared their idea or their opinion, the rest of the room listened intently. Everyone had a voice and the ability to share without interruptions.  I had never experienced this level of collaboration or enthusiasm within a company. As the week progressed, the passion, excitement, and dedication for Gemiini across employees was evident and growing. 

To keep this momentum going, Gemiini departments are increasing their communication and collaboration with each other. Departments are scheduling weekly meetings with other departments to provide updates, problem-solve issues,  and give feedback to each other. Additionally, a product steering committee was created to streamline projects dedicated to improving our current product based on user feedback and brainstorming sessions with employees. Gemiini is committed to continuing to work to improve our current product.