A lot of receptive language, but having trouble getting the words out?

A lot of receptive language, but having trouble getting the words out?

We wanted to share a plan that is working for GemIIni families: Using Gemiini QuickStart Reading and editing language videos into the session.

This will work on articulation and proper sound imitation and in the meantime the kids are learning to read (even the hyperlexic children need this for comprehension). It is helping with word retrieval and we are hearing a lot more out of these kids (with less of a delay).

For kids who only have 1 word labels, you can add in carrier phrases in among the reading videos (I want… I can/cant…., I hear…). These are in category “Encouraging Conversational and Social Speech”, sub-category “Carrier Phrases.”

For kids who script a lot, you will want to add in videos that require an individualized response. “Tell Me Three Things” from the category “Encouraging Conversational and Social Speech”, sub-category “Tell Me Three Things.” Is AWESOME at this. You can also add in more short phrases from the “Conversation Theme” sub-category.

AS SOON AS THE CHILD SCRIPTS, edit the sessions and remove the scripted ones. Replace them with something new. This may mean that you need to edit them every day. But, that is OK! Our scripters are doing great with this method and are generalizing the phrases. Most of the kids “sort of” understand these phrases anyway, and once they see the Gemiini version, it just clicks for them.

Once the child has seen the “Tell Me Three Things” session for a day or two, get a basket and fill it with different random objects (of which the child knows the name). Also, see if you can find the same objects in the videos (a blue book, for example). You can bring the basket in the car and before you drive off (and after everyone is buckled in), you can hold up an object and request, “Tell me three things about this.” Start with one of the objects from the videos to get it going, and then go to a new one. You or a sibling may need to model it first, but then let the child take over. It is a great time to do this as you will have the child’s full attention.

Here is how you do this:

If your child is at least 4 years old:

  1. Quick Start Reading to work on articulation and comprehension (even if your child is hyperlexic and taught himself to read, he still needs this piece). Use the editable sessions, so “Gemiini Book 01 with illustration” NOT “Gemiini Book 01 for Low Internet and iPad 12 mins (not testing)”
  2. Once it starts to play, click on My Sessions right below the video player.
  3. Click on Date Created until the session comes to the top.
  4. Click on Edit for the particular session.
  5. Select 5 videos from the category “Encouraging Conversational and Social Speech.” If your child is still using one word labels, start with the sub-category “Carrier Phrases.” If he/she can put 2 words together, or is scripting, then select sub-category “Tell Me Three Things.”
  6. Drag and drop these new videos in among the reading videos (put one at the end of each page. For example, Book 01, page 1 ends with “Book 01. Page 01 – a cat.). You can add a conversation video right after there.
  7. Save the session at the bottom of the page.

Now, each time the Quick Start Reading session is played, it will be your newly edited one.

If this isn't making sense, watch this video again.


If you still can’t figure it out, email us, call us, we're here to help!