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An open letter to parents:

We at Pullman Regional Hospital would like to encourage parents and therapists to use GemIIni's program and we give it our highest recommendation.

We are approached with new therapy tools almost every day that claim to be 'breakthroughs' for the treatment of autism or other special needs. These claims are normally dismissed after just a few minutes of review. That being said, GemIIni is one of the first tools we have seen that could legitimately be called a "breakthrough".

We knew GemIIni would work because we understood WHY it worked. It blends several evidence-based approaches and allows our therapy sessions to extend into the home. Now that we have used it in our clinic, we have seen children make breakthroughs as early as the first time using a program. Our staff believes that GemIIni will revolutionize the way we teach language to children with language delays and that our children with autism are quite capable of learning language far more quickly than we have seen in the past. This is, of course, wonderful news. But with this good news, comes a renewed urgency to introduce GemIIni's speed into therapy programs; with many children there is no time to lose.

With that in mind we would encourage families across Washington (who are weary after all they've been through) to work GemIIni into their programs right away. Our organization will be using GemIIni to extend much needed therapy services to the under-served in rural eastern Washington. The program is in the planning stages but it takes my breath away to think about how many individuals this will help within our community.

Keri Jones, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

Carrie Coen, PT, DPT
Rehabilitation Services Director