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To whom it may concern,

I am writing in support of the Phase I SBIR application titled "Development of web-based video therapy platform, progress tracking tool and data collection resource for cochlear implant recipients." I am a Research Scientist at Sensimetrics Corporation and an Adjunct Scientist at the House Research Institute. I am the Principal Investigator of a Phase II SBIR award issued by NIDCD titled "Software for Auditory Prosthesis Research." I have been working with GemIIni Educational Systems over the past year to identify ways that their application for autism therapeutic research might be extended for use with hearing-impaired children. Their software application, in its present form, is highly professional and its core architecture is exceptionally well developed. I am highly confident that a Phase I award would provide the GenIIni team the resources that they need to prepare their product for clinical assessment.

I am happy to continue working in collaboration with GemIIni Educational Systems. We share similar goals and methodologies. In my role at the House Research Institute, I work closely with clinicians to design auditory assessment activities. Clinical feedback is essential in the development of relevant therapeutic applications. Recognizing the potential of the GemIIni application for autism therapeutic research, and the eventual potential for use in aural rehabilitation, I am more than happy to facilitate such an interaction with GemIIni.


Ray Goldsworthy
Research Scientist, Sensimetrics Corporation
Adjunct Scientist, House Research Institute