Letter of Support from Heather O'Shea, PhD, BCBA-D

3731 Sixth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

To Whom It May Concern,

In my capacity as Chief Clinical Officer at ACES, a non-public agency that provides Applied Behavior Analytical services through the United States, I am often asked to evaluate products or programs that are offered for the treatment of autism. When I first evaluated Gemiini, I was already aware of the peer-reviewed literature establishing video modeling as an effective evidence based practice for increasing skills with individuals with autism.

What has impressed me about Gemiini is that their clinical and product development teams are aware of ongoing research and appear to incorporate research-based findings into their videos. They have removed unnecessary stimuli from their videos making them far more suited to the learning styles of those with autism. They have also allowed to teach in isolation and build in generalization and the child shows readiness. I have not seen another program that targets skills from early learning to generalization in this way, which is so often needed for individuals with autism.

I regularly interact with parents, providers, and funders who are all faced with the challenge of limitations of access to care. In particular, families that live in remote areas often do not have access to necessary services without tremendous travel. Additionally, it is not uncommon for families in urban areas with numerous providers to deal with wait lists due to limited availability of service providers. Parents, providers, legislators and advocacy groups are all looking for ways to fill these gaps in care.

I think it is important to examine all programs and services that children may benefit from, especially when the need exceeds the availability of options. I think it would be incredibly valuable for families who cannot access direct services such as ABA or speech to be given an evidence based program to access. I also believe that the Gemiini program could be used in collaboration with direct service for improved clinical outcomes. ACES would gladly work with parents and professionals within Gemiini to support their program for clinical outcomes.

Heather O'Shea, PhD, BCBA-D
ACES Chief Clinical Officer