Autism Society of Washington

I know that parent groups and ASA groups often get approached by people with products for autism. Many of those products are not helpful and can offer false promises to parents. I wanted to write this letter to tell you that the GemIIni video modeling library is different and it is the type of product that can offer powerful and affordable therapy to families.

GemIIni is a substantial, evidence-based tool that has already been used in Spokane schools with great success. I have used it with my own son, and his improvement was remarkable: he went from having a 4 word vocabulary in June of 2011, to having a 400 word vocabulary by December. I only wish I had it when my oldest son (who is also on the spectrum) was little.

In Spokane, GemIIni has the respect of the top people in the area: doctors, researchers, clinicians, and educators. I think it is everyone’s hope that GemIIni will be able to accelerate learning and also bring needed therapy to a lot of people who otherwise couldn’t afford it. While it was designed by a Mom with kids on the spectrum, it is currently being used by some of the country’s top speech professionals who are giving feedback from the field.

GemIIni comes with my highest recommendation. It is my hope that you will extend that recommendation to the families on your mailing list


Charissa Cardwell
Autism Society of Washington