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The Research Behind Gemiini

Gemiini has been shown in research to create larger gains in children than standard video modeling for children with special needs. Gemiini has been evaluated in top academic journals by researchers from the University of Kentucky, University of Toledo, Portland State University, and Princeton University

You can find these reports as well as others on our Evidence page.

Gemiini is Immediate Therapy Homework

Often, it can take up to two years to receive therapy services and patients could lose precious time where progress could be made. Gemiini can help fill this gap by providing therapy whenever and wherever needed.


How to Watch Gemiini Videos—DAILY Webinars

Happening every weekday— @10:30am and 3:30pm pacific time.

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Have your Gemiini questions answered fast as our team walks you through the website and shows you exactly what to do. 

Whether you're brand new to Gemiini, or have been a member for years, these webinars are sure to increase the ease of using the program as well as results.

*Please be aware that the webinars are public and being recorded. Your questions will be seen by other attendees. If you would like to ask a private question, please reach us through our contact us page.

This video may help answer any initial questions.

Gemiini believes in the importance of educating parents on what signs to look for in their child that might indicate a potential developmental issue.

To help with this, we created the 10 Signs of Autism to actually show parents which signs to look for.

If you are a parent and suspect that your child may have a developmental issue, your child should be screened by a medical professional.

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What Professionals Are Saying About Gemiini

From Dr. Maria Gilmour BCBA-D, Portland State University:

"Today I started Gemiini as a group in a class with 10 kids with autism. During the VERY FIRST video, one of the kids who has never said a word before in his life said "bear!" And he did the sign! I ran up to him and said "yes buddy! That's a bear!" He looked at me with the biggest smile ever and said again "bear!" Then, for the first time ever, he went up to a peer and gave a high 5. The teacher was stunned. I was in the class consulting for a few hours and our star student said "bear" 29 more times! I left the class before the second viewing but tomorrow morning I will return and I just can't wait to see the progress! This was IMMEDIATE acquisition upon viewing Gemiini. Even after two years of using Gemiini, these successes still bring me tears of joy!"

From Jayme Cutting, an SLP from Clark County school district in Las Vegas:

"Hi, I am a speech therapist in Clark County school district in Las Vegas. I paid for a Gemiini account out of my own pocket for a sweet 4-year-old student I service. He had been receiving 2 hours of ABA tx before school!! (5am-7am!!!) then he goes to an autism preschool program in the district where I provide 240 min of speech therapy a week! And he was making little to no progress! I was literally crying myself to sleep over this little guy. I stumbled upon Gemiini on FB and said, "what have I got to lose except $100?" So it's been 2 weeks and he is spontaneously pointing, imitating the animal actions, and even some animal sounds! I'm beyond excited! I want this for every student! Our district needs this! Our kids need this! Thank you for this program! Thank you!"

Comparing the Teaching Efficacy of Two Video Modeling Programs Delivered in a Group Format in Special Education Classrooms to Improve Expressive Language

(Gemiini's Discrete Video Modeling compared to standard video modeling.)


Video Modeling and Word Identification in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

(Gemiini was the only intervention used in this study.)


Affordable for All

Gemiini was founded on the belief that no family should be denied access to care based on an inability to pay. Money should never be a barrier to receiving the tools that you need and we offer a number of scholarships for families in need of assistance.

Over 60% of our members receive financial assistance provided by Gemiini.

Ask us how you can provide a free trial of the Gemiini program to your clients

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What is Gemiini?

Gemiini is an online subscription that gives parents and clinicians the power to make and store highly individualized video modeling sessions for children with special needs. It is a clinically proven way to significantly increase language and articulation in children and adults by breaking down information into understandable and digestible bites. Gemiini is an ideal solution for people looking to maximize results from the resources they currently have available.