Be the First to Know When the New Gemiini Launches

Be the First to Know When the New Gemiini Launches

Gemiini is about to become easier-to-use than ever before.

For the last two years, people around the world have experienced the life-changing results of Gemiini’s Discrete Video Modeling system.

Parents have, for the first time, heard their children say, “I love you.” They’ve seen improved attention and eye-contact. They’ve experienced life with children who spend more time in our world instead of losing hours in theirs.

Gemiini has been called miraculous by parents, therapists, and teachers around the world, but it’s not a miracle. Gemiini is a research-based and science-backed video therapy that is proven to improve speech, reading, and articulation in typically developing children, children with special needs, and even in adults.

Ever since Gemiini launched to the public two years ago, we knew we needed to upgrade the user experience and make it a cinch to create therapy sessions, customize videos, and manage the 80,000+ titles currently in the video library.

We’re almost ready to launch the enhanced Gemiini experience. You’ll be able to start therapy with just a few clicks and then customize individual sessions in a matter of minutes.

If we had to sum up the new Gemiini with one word, it’s: Easy.

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